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EKE-Electronics Ltd. is a leading, world-wide supplier of intelligent train systems. Our product portfolio includes Train Management Systems, Communication Networks and Gateways, Event Recorders, User Interface Displays and other intelligent solutions that make trains more comfortable for passengers and more profitable for operators. Our particular strength is a flexible IP-train concept that can be customized to specific operator needs.

Since 1985 EKE-Electronics Ltd. has been delivering products for various railway rolling stock projects, including metros, high speed tilting trains, InterCity trains, EMUs, DMUs and both diesel and electric locomotives. Today there are more than 10.000 EKE-Trainnet® systems in a daily operation around the world.

We at EKE-Electronics Ltd. see that the future of train-borne electronic systems is going to be based on IP and Ethernet. We are already offering this solution to train manufacturers and operators today.

Train Management Systems – EKE-Trainnet®

Train Management Systems improve train functionality, aide with secure and reliable train operation and optimise stock mobilisation.

EKE-Trainnet® products include a complete family of train information system functions and components. The EKE-Trainnet® system consists of a powerful PowerPC®-based CPU family, TCN Gateway or Ethernet Switching Unit, and an implementation-dependent line of other components including local intelligence, intelligent and non-intelligent system interfaces, data logging equipment, etc. The EKE-Trainnet® features also include a data radio depot interface.

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The EKE-Trainnet® simplifies the implementation and trimming of coach functions and decreases commissioning costs due to its efficient development and debugging features.

Distributed Computer System and Integrated Monitoring and Diagnostics

EKE-Trainnet® is a distributed computer system. The basic EKE-Trainnet® equipment consists Coach Computers in coaches, an EKE-Trainnet® network between the coaches, user interface panels and interfaces with the other train systems and functions. Distributed intelligence and redundant databus structure guarantee that the EKE-Trainnet® has no single- point failures that prevent the train management system from operating.

EKE-Trainnet® integrates the train functions and provides a centralized and uniform diagnostics and monitoring interface for the user, the EKE-Trainnet® User Display. This user interface is a menu-driven system and includes an assistance function for the user in problem situations.

The diagnostics facility also has a local, UIC 557 type diagnostics interface and fault data memory. The diagnostic data can also be downloaded for later analysis or forwarded to the depot via GSM/GPRS/WLAN interface before the train even arrives there.

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EKE-Trainnet® is capable of any automatic control or user-initiated function such as door-control or brake-testing functions. A data-logging facility for every function is available.

Our continuous product development guarantees that EKE-Trainnet® products incorporate high-tech features and have a superior price-performance ratio. EKE-Trainnet® products are specially designed for a rolling-stock environment. All components are specifically for industrial applications and the products are designed for a -40ºC to +70ºC temperature range. All interfaces are in compliance with railway specifications. PCBs are coated according to IEC, MIL and UL specifications. Particular attention has been given to the easy programming of EKE-Trainnet® products. All EKE-Trainnet® products are user-configurable with the help of an easy-to-use PLC tool (ISaGRAF®).

Passenger Information Systems

Integrated PIS functionality – EKE-Trainnet® TCN and/or Ethernet gateway solution has PIS controller functionality built-in. No additional hardware is required. PIS controller is implemented as a software function on the gateway CPU interfacing the displays and audio amplifier directly.

EKE-Trainnet® Passenger Information System (PIS) solution includes:

  • Complete Passenger Information System Functionality
  • Internal Information Displays
  • External Information Displays
  • Other Information System Components

Destination Indicator Diplays & Digital Voice Annunciator system – The EKE-Trainnet® system controls the announcements of both the digital voice annunciator and passenger information displays.

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The system stores and provides information to audibly advise passengers of e.g. route, destination and train timetable. At the same time related information is shown on the passenger displays.

System Functionality includes:

  • Informs passengers of the station, estimated arrival time, etc.
  • At selected stations additional announcement like “mind the gap” can be broadcasted
  • System can switch between different volume levels, both manually and automatically
  • The train crew has the possibility to repeat, skip, add or cancel any announcement
  • The announcements can be displayed to the crew as text on Crew Interface Display
  • The DVA announcements (like timetable updates) and their timings can be changed locally or remotely (using WLAN, radio modem, etc.)
  • Operator schedule data files can be downloaded dynamically over air

Benefits of EKE Solutions

A Train Information System by EKE-Electronics benefits all parties involved in a rolling stock project:

  • Train Operator
  • Train Manufacturer
  • System Integrator
  • Passengers
  • Environment

Other modular solutions that make up the full EKE-Trainnet®  system includes Gateways and Networks solutions, IP/Ethernet Train Network Systems, Ethernet Routers & Switches, Event Recording, Video Surveillance solutions.

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EKE Electronics – Train Management
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EKE-Trainnet® Gateway
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EKE-Trainnet® Event Recorder
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