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Embedded Electronics Systems for Rail

CENTRALP specialises in the conception and production of high-performance and perennial embedded electronics systems for rail and the transport industry. CENTRALP is renowned for its perpetual capacity of INNOVATION.

Consolidated around a multidisciplinary Research department representing more than 1/3 of the workforce, CENTRALP has, over 45 years of existence, become an incoherent partner in embedded electronics and embedded software.

Supported by the desire to become a leader in embedded electronics, we have succeeded in creating an ecosystem of competence and special innovation adapted to the realization of projects of our customers whatever the specificity of their request. For this purpose, our technical, design and production departments combine all their skills to adapt products according to the specifications, both at the application level and at the economical level.

Certified for Railway Applications

CENTRALP manufactures its products in small, medium or large series in compliance with quality and environmental standards. CENTRALP is certified Iso 9001, 14001, 13 485 and have the eco-design label.

“Over the years, CENTRALP has evolved from being a supplier of embedded electronic cards to being a partner involved in the search for a global solution that is relevant. It is this ongoing interaction that motivates us to strive for excellence.” – Jean-Luc LOGEL CEO.

Integrated Electronic Systems for Rail

CENTRALP’s integrated electronic systems for rail allow an easier adaptation to the extreme demands of the market, while respecting the characteristics of every customer. CENTRALP is committed to the sustainability of its products, performance, control of maintainability (obsolescence management – design evolution …), robustness, support (after sales service – assistance), security, standards, respect for architecture systems and other technical constraints.

CENTRALP is involved in most major rail programs. Our embedded developments cover large fields of application; Visualization, control, safety (SIL0 to SIL 3), information management, data transmission and application software:

  • Driver HMIs
  • CPU cards
  • Wide range of supply cards
  • I / O cards
  • Command and control racks
  • Blocks calculators
  • Card readers
  • Communication routers wifi, 3G, GSM and GSM-R
  • Capacitive keyboards

CENTRALP’s Railway Electronics Solutions:

CENTRALP, leader in development and production of embedded railway electronics solutions and software; HMIs for TCMS, CBTC, ETCS / ERTMS and CCTV applications, CPUs and calculators for ATP, ATO and other safety applications, wireless gateway/routers, power supplies and capacitive keyboards.

CENTRALP propose COTS products but also customize based on specifications.

CENTRALP develops and manufactures embedded electronic systems for the railway industry. We adapt our products to your projects while meeting the market standards.

Our commitment: reliability, sustainability, performance, maintainability (obsolescence management, design evolution…), robustness, support (support, after sales service), respect of each customer/project system architecture.

CENTRALP is involved in most major rail programs. We cover large fields of application: Visualization, control, safety (SIL0 to SIL 3), information management, data transmission and application software:

  • CPU boards and Calculators for ATP, ATO and other safety functions
  • I / O cards
  • Command and control racks
  • RFID badge readers
  • Communication routers wifi, 3G/4G, GSM and GSM-R
  • Capacitive keyboards
  • Large input voltage power supplies


CENTRALP develops, produces and integrates embedded electronic solutions and software solutions around the world. With the close involvement of a multidisciplinary R&D Department, as well as a complete and successful production unit, CENTRALP brings global and innovative solutions to the embedded systems market. CENTRALP follow its customers all throughout the world to deliver expertise and training support via a reliable and multi-purpose service.

CENTRALP wished for some of its specific developments to join the PEP ecopassport program, which makes it possible to qualify the environmental performance of the products objectively. Reliable and internationally recognized, the PEP ecopassport program validates a serious environmental approach in line with international standards enabling CENTRALP to make its products eligible for eco-responsible markets.

CENTRALP has integrated the environmental dimension from the design of its products and solutions to all stages of their life cycle. The processes concerned have thus generated particularly significant savings in material and energy consumption (Figures 2016):

  • Electricity consumption less than 27%
  • Weight of the rail console – reduction close to 30%
  • Reduction of the impact on non-fossil natural resources by 67%
  • Reduction of the impact on water pollution by 27% (equivalent to 10 700 m3 of water)
  • Use of recycled packaging.

Other benefits directly affect management and commercial development:

  • The company as a whole, benefited from qualitative spin-offs in terms of management: improvement of synergies between services, teams work on a new transversal approach, creation of new innovation prospection, creation of new competitive advantages.
  • The PEP ECOPASSPORT approach also leads to compliance with future standards requirements, especially the 2015 version of ISO14001.
  • It brings new competitive advantages, offering a real possibility to stand out from the competitors.
  • CENTRALP customers are also involved in certification processes, including “eco-passport”.

“We imagine an electronics more and more clean. CENTRALP is committed to protecting the environment by putting in place a policy of reducing its environmental impact at every stage of its process. That is why we have decided to extend this approach to our new designs and continuous improvement cycle.” – Jean-Luc Logel, CEO of CENTRALP.

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Train HMI Driver

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HMI Drivers for Trains

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HMI Drivers for Trains

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CENTRALP Electronic Systems for Rail

Production Line

CENTRALP Embedded Electronics Systems for Rail

CENTRALP’s Faraday Cage

CENTRALP evision+v2

CENTRALP evision+v2



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