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Floor Coverings and Flooring Systems for Rail

Baultar’s flooring solutions include a variety of floor coverings and flooring systems for rail that can help train operating companies maximize the value of their investments, lower their product integration costs, and keep their operation costs low.

These flooring solutions, available in panels of up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm (59 in. x 118 in.), are offered in different thicknesses and in colours that can be customized. They can be adapted to fit each application. The main physical and chemical properties of these panels ensure that they are: anti-skid; fire, smoke, and toxicity compliant; easy to maintain; easy to install; and resistant to usage, impact, and domestic and chemical products.

Baultar’s Flooring Solutions for Rail Include:

Abrastop™, a composite, highly durable floor covering composed of coloured aggregates wrapped in a thermoset resin with a fibre support. These panels overlap gaps in the subfloor where the covering is installed, without running the risk of cracking.

The Abrastop™ Foam family of products is offered in four versions: Lite, Lite + Heating, HD, and HD + Heating.

Abrastop™ Foam Lite, a lightweight flooring system with a high-performance foam core that is ideal when equilibrium between weight reduction and robustness is needed.

Abrastop™ Foam Lite + Heating, a lightweight, highly adaptable flooring system that is robust and rigid, offers superior passenger thermal comfort, is energy efficient, improves space usage (no need for baseboard heaters), and is easy to maintain and clean.

Abrastop™ Foam HD is a heavy-duty thermoset foam core and reinforcement fibre flooring system that is particularly well-suited to locomotive cab floors.

Abrastop™ Foam HD + Heating, is a heavy-duty thermoset foam core with a perfectly integrated heating system and a reinforcement-fibre flooring system that offers locomotive conductors greater thermal comfort, avoids accumulation of ice and snow (in places where the winters are harsh), and is easy to maintain and clean.

All of our Abrastop™ products are highly adaptable not only to different norms and requirements but also in terms of colours and the variety of elements that can be integrated into them. These products are robust and rigid, easy to maintain, and highly wear resistant. They reduce overall life-cycle costs, and improve the efficiency of any rail system.

These integrated floor systems are bonded with a flexible, high-performance adhesive, or fastened directly on to the car-body frame. All additional parts that are necessary to complete the job professionally (such as sealant, trims, handles, adhesive, and screws) are also provided. Panels can be cut on-site or pre-cut to accelerate the installation process. Pre-cut panels require that our engineering department provides panel drawings for approval.

At Baultar, maintainability and reduction of energy consumption are taken very seriously. Life Cycle Asset Management (LCAM) is important to the railroad industry as a result of limited resources. The long-term durability of main components such as flooring can help to keep train cabs safe, reliable, and comfortable for users. Baultar currently has installations that remain in perfect condition, even after 30 years of use.

Seating Solutions for Rail

Baultar Seating Solutions is proud to offer its clients sustainable and customized seating solutions for rail and the mass transit industries. The company’s products are known to offer superior ergonomics that help foster and maintain the well-being of the individuals who use them regularly, or for long periods of time. Baultar’s seating options include:

The 3000 Series seat, specially designed for freight locomotive cabs. These seats can be used where visibility is reduced and space is limited. This seat is known for its compactness, and can be pedestal- or track-mounted. Cab seat integration services are offered for all our models for a perfect 3D integration.

The 4000 Series seat, which is used mainly by conductors in the mass transit rail industry (for travel over long, medium, and short distances) and in metro cabs. These seats can also be installed on a pedestal or a track, have multiple adjustment options and, if necessary, movements can be limited.

Retractable and Folding Seats for Trains

Baultar seating solutions offer both retractable and folding seats for trains and the mass transit industries.

Retractable seats fold to maximize cab space and may include (or not) armrests and a footrest for maximum comfort. All of our retractable seats are ideal to be used as third seats.

Folding seats can be used with or without a backrest and flip vertically between uses. These seats are wall-mounted and compact.

Specialized Seating Solutions

The SITI seat is a comfortable, safe, versatile, and easy-to-maintain seat for mass transit or rail freight applications. The SITI seat meets European standards for comfort, safety, and durability.

Our entire family of seating products is highly adaptable to different norms, requirements, movements, mounting options, and fabric colours. These products are designed to be robust and easy to maintain.

Adapted Solutions

Baultar also offers adapted solutions for stations, inter-station products, and rail vehicles in general that are designed, manufactured, assembled, and adapted as needed. Amongst these products, we offer the following:

Emergency Steps for Passenger Evacuation

Emergency deployable steps are used for passenger evacuation in case of train stoppage between stations. The dimensions of these steps can be customized for specific needs. The emergency steps for passenger evacuation are easy to assemble and disassemble, and feature a lightweight design and anti-skid stairs. They can also be folded so they become compact for storage purposes.

Paths Between Stations

Inter-station paths between stations are non-slip surfaces that facilitate the evacuation of water and sediments for optimal passenger evacuation or for worker movements in areas where water infiltrations are common. These paths are lightweight surfaces that can be easily adapted to any type of surface or winding environment.

Train Ramps for Improved Accessibility

Ramps offer a convenient, easy-to-mount, and compact storage system that can be used to offer wheelchair access. These train ramps for improved accessibility are made of an AddGRIP or anti-slid surface to improve adherence and to increase safety.

Stair Coverings for Railway Applications

Baultar’s vehicle and building stair coverings for railway applications can be adapted to fit different dimensions, and can feature integrated phosphorescent bands or strips, AddGRIP surfaces or bands, or 3D surfaces.

Platform Edges that Attract Attention

Platform edges are made of 100% composite material for increased durability. Our platform edges integrate phosphorescent bands or strips, AddGRIP (anti-skid) surfaces or bands, truncated domes, or 3D surfaces, to attract the attention of users. They offer excellent electric insulation.

AddGRIP Surfaces for Improved Adherence

AddGRIP surfaces are special composite materials developed with an increased static friction coefficient for improved adherence. They are commonly used as warning surfaces.

Ground Surface Indicators

Textured ground surface indicators are perfectly integrated and made of the same durable materials as Abrastop™. They are used to attract a user’s attention and increase their security. With today’s widespread use of mobile phones (which notably increases distractions), these elements can help users detect edges and emergency exits and mark no-access areas. 3D surfaces of different types and colours, different textures, and different sizes are offered.

Train Cab Accessories

Baultar’s train cab accessories include document and first-aid kit holders (of different shapes and sizes), trays, paper towel dispensers, ceiling profiles, hook spacers, wall cushions, lighting, and other similar items.

These are just some of our adapted solutions. Please visit our website or contact us if you have a problem and would like to see if we could help you.

About Baultar Durable Solutions

Since 1984, Baultar Durable Solutions has specialized in the design and manufacturing of flooring systems, operator’s seats, and other specialized products for mass transit, rail freight, and architectural applications.

This Canadian-based company focuses on research and development, and on the continuous improvement of its products to provide an exceptional level of product quality and durability. All Baultar products are tested both in external laboratories and in-house so that they are fully compliant with all industry standards.

At Baultar, our mission is to create value for our clients in the transportation and architectural sectors by offering them increasingly efficient, reliable, and responsible solutions that result from our expert client service, our problem-solving approach, and our adaptability.

The company’s expertise is recognized worldwide in more than 200 customer applications spread over many continents. Baultar offers three main product lines: flooring, seating, and adapted solutions.

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