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Metrolink Rolls Out ‘Cleanest Fuel-Powered Locomotive in the Country’

Some Metrolink riders can say that they rode on the cleanest fuel-powered locomotive in the country as Metrolink’s new Tier 4 locomotive makes its debut in passenger service this afternoon.

The first of 40 locomotives rolled into service on October 12 2017 at 3:56 p.m. on the San Bernardino Line, Metrolink’s busiest line, which extends from Los Angeles to San Bernardino. These trains will rotate throughout the system to ensure that the entire region benefits from these new clean locomotives.

Cleanest Fuel-Powered Locomotive
Tier 4 Locomotive © Metrolink

Metrolink Board Chairman, Andrew F. Kotyuk, said:

“These locomotives are a success story of what can happen when transportation agencies, elected officials and members of the community work together”

“With over 30 letters of support and 11 funding sources, these locomotives are the result of a regional partnership that will benefit all of Southern California.”

Reducing Air Pollution in California

These clean locomotives reduce emissions by up to 85% compared to the oldest locomotives operating throughout the region. They also have up to 64% more horsepower, which will enable Metrolink to transport more people reliably. They are enhanced with the latest Positive Train Control and Crash Energy Management technology. Additionally, the new engines have enhanced on-board engine diagnostics and are expected to reduce delays caused by mechanical issues on trains.

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Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, commented:

“Metrolink connects Angelenos with communities across Southern California – we’re making that service more sustainable than ever before”

“These powerful, fuel-efficient locomotives will make travel across our region better for the environment and easier for riders.”

New Tier 4 Clean Locomotives

The entire fleet of new Tier 4 clean locomotives cost $279 million. Metrolink received funds from federal ($21 million), state ($132 million) and regional ($110 million) and local ($17 million). Air Quality Management District’s Carl Moyer and the State’s Cap and Trade programs were the two largest sources of funds.

California State Senate President pro Tempore, Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles), added:

“Reducing air pollution in California means aggressively cutting down on emissions in every industry”

“Using funds made available by my bill, SB 535, these low-emission locomotives will help keep our environment clean and improve public health.”

Metrolink’s first Tier 4 locomotives have undergone rigorous testing and certification per Federal Railroad Administration requirements. Metrolink will add locomotives into service over the next months until all 40 are in service by the end of 2018.

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Original article © Metrolink.


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