How the Right Air Management Gives Your Workshop a Boost

Every workshop uses air. It’s an essential utility just like water and electricity, and it works its way into almost every job and service your teams carry out.

And that means there’s a huge scope to make improvements in how you use it — from the efficiency and productivity of your workers, to controlling your costs and reducing your carbon footprint.

Air Management

Here’s why every workshop needs the right air management tools:

It’s Energy Efficient

From its heavy-duty uses with tyre inflation and air-operated pit jacks, right down to the simplest cleaning of components and chassis, your workshop has a continual need for high-pressure air.

And if you’re not being efficient with it, that means you’re continually throwing money away.

We’ve seen lots of vehicle workshops still using their ancient air compressors — outdated bits of kit that are almost as old as the business itself.

They’re not powerful or reliable. And most important: they’re not as energy efficient as the latest new models.

But with a quick and simple upgrade to a modern piece of kit (like our own Totalkare ABAC Spinn Air Compressor), you can see immediate improvements in both power and energy efficiency.

Compared to older models, the Spinn can pump out up to 15% more air flow while using 12% less energy. That’s an automatic saving of up to 12% on the costs of your air supply — and a substantial improvement to your impact on the environment.

It Improves Productivity

With high-pressure air being so essential to daily workshop life, it’s surprising to see how many workshops still aren’t making it easily accessible to their teams.

They’ve got their tools and big-ticket items readily available, their storage neatly organised, and the layouts of their workshops planned with incredible precision. But when it comes to having the right air management systems, lots of workshops tend to overlook it.

With a dedicated set of Hose Reels installed within easy reach, you’re bringing the delivery of essential air to the work stations that need it. You’re helping your teams to waste less time — and that has a direct effect on the throughput and productivity of your workshop.

It Integrates Seamlessly

The best air management tools are the ones that blend effortlessly into the layout of your workshop — the ones that don’t take up valuable space, and don’t add any extra work or travel for your technicians.

That’s why we designed our Hose Reels and High-Capacity Hose Reels to integrate seamlessly into the areas of your workshop that are already established.

If you’re investing in workshop furniture (like our Totalkare Service Pods), you can get your air management tools installed directly into the furniture itself. So when your workers are on the job, they’ve got a convenient supply of high-pressure air ready and waiting within arm’s reach — as well as the usual tool storage, dispensers, and electrical outlets that come with the Service Pod as standard.

And if your teams work with a Vehicle Inspection Pit, you’re in luck — because our hose reels can also be directly integrated in your pits.

With a steady supply of high-pressure air readily available inside the vehicle pit itself, you can give your workers the convenient access they need to get the job done — without needing to leave the pit or reposition the vehicle.

Looking for a Better Way to Manage Your Air?

It’s may not be the most glamorous part of life in the workshop. But with the right air management systems in place, you can give your teams the tools they need to save time and work faster — with just a modest investment in the essential equipment.

Take a look at our full range of hose reels and compressors in our online shop — or chat with a workshop expert to find out more.

This article was originally published by Totalkare Ltd.

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