Ruggedized M12 Industrial Ethernet Switches

The TERZ Industrial Electronics product range includes highly optimized ruggedized Industrial Ethernet Switches with RJ45 and M12 connection technology and M12 Industrial USB Flash Drives. All products are perfectly suited for use in harsh industrial environments and for networks in passenger trains, buses, commercial vehicles and agricultural machinery. The electrical, mechanical and environmental properties are tested in accordance with DIN EN 50155. The world’s most compact size-optimized IP65/67 switches allow a cabinet-free direct installation in the field to save decentralized control cabinets. With many years of experience in industrial networking technology, electronics development and manufacturing, all our products are 100% developed by us and are manufactured in Germany.

DIN EN 50155 Industrial Ethernet Switches

The requirements which are placed on electric components for use in trains, are among the most stringent in the industry. In addition to the environmental and mechanical requirements for use in railways, strict specifications with regard to electrical properties must also be observed. The TERZ NITE Industrial Ethernet switches for rolling stock meet these requirements and are available in two housing versions. The NITE-XS with a ruggedized, compact IP65/67 metal housing and the NITE-XK with IP40 protection. With the support of Power over Ethernet, the TERZ SPARK-XS delivers power and data to the end devices, enabling completely new cost-effective installation concepts. Designed for use in harsh environments, the switches support priority-controlled packet forwarding (Quality of Service) for maximum data communication efficiency and Autonegotiation and Auto MDI-X for a quick and easy commissioning.

M12 connectors

Robust and vibration-proofed M12 connectors for data and power. Both families come with 4,6 and 8 D-coded M12 Ethernet ports and with a M12 A-coded connector for the power supply.

Industrial temperature range

With the extended temperature range from -40°C to +70°C the switches can be mounted outside the control cabinet even under temperature fluctuations, for example below the roof or below the floor plate.

Ruggedized IP65/67 metal housing

The switches are completely dustproof, protected against water jets and even withstand temporary immersion in operation. The ultra-compact housing is made of aluminum and stainless steel.

High dielectric strength of 2.25 kVDC

The M12 switches have a dielectric strength of 2.25 kVDC between the 3 isolation groups; electronics, Ethernet ports and housing, according to the DIN EN 50155 and IEEE802.3. The positive and negative pole of the power supply are thus isolated from the housing and the occurrence of unwanted earth loops is prevented.

Fire protection

For all components used in trains there are requirements for the fire behavior of materials and components. All railway-proofed Ethernet switches from TERZ meet the fire protection requirements according to DIN EN 45545.

Redundant power supply

All TERZ switches have an inrush current limitation, to reduce the load on the board system during start-up. Furthermore, the power supply is reverse polarity protected and the pin assignment can be determined freely. According to the DIN EN 50155 the switches support a 10 ms power failure bridging.

Most compact worldwide

TERZ Industrial Ethernet switches save valuable space in control cabinets and reduce the costs and expense of network cabling. The ultra-compact switches are the smallest M12 switches worldwide with a width of only 55 mm (8 Port Fast Ethernet IP65/67) and 49 mm (8 Port Fast Ethernet IP40).

PCB Conformal Coating

The electronics of the TERZ M12 Switches for use in railways are coated according to the DIN EN 50155 to protect it against environmental influences.

Power over Ethernet

Industrial PoE switches help reduce costs and enable completely new networking concepts by transferring data and power via the Ethernet cable. With a size of only 65x154x29.8mm and IP65/67 protection, the world’s most compact M12 PoE Switch provides up to 6 end devices according to IEEE 802.3at.

M12 Push Pull Switch

TERZ offers solutions with M12 Push Pull connectors. The TERZ Push Pull Switches enable a robust, quick and easy connection with the fast M12 locking mechanism. The installation time for connecting the Ethernet cables can be reduced by up to 60%.

Test standards

EMC immunity: DIN EN 50121-3-2, DIN EN 61000-6-2, DIN EN 55024

EMC radiated emission: DIN EN 50121-3-2, DIN EN 61000-6-4, DIN EN 55032

Mechanical stability: DIN EN 61373

Fire protection: DIN EN 45545

Safety: DIN EN 60950-1

Protection Class Tests: IP65/67
EMC Tests (Railway / Industry)

  • Power Supply Failures
  • Power Supply Variations
    • Immunity against Surge and Burst
    • Immunity radiated and conducted
    • Emission radiated and conducted
    • Electrostatic Discharge Immunity (ESD)
  • Shock and Vibration Tests (Railway)
    • Simulated Long Life
    • Shock
    • Functional Random
  • Temperature Tests
    • Cold
    • Dry Heat
    • Damp Heat (cyclic)
  • Dielectrical Strength and Isolation Tests

Industrial Ethernet Switches RJ45

Due to the reduced footprint and the arrangement of the data and power connections on the front, switch cabinets and cabling can be optimized to reduce the costs. The 24 VAC/VDC power supply with polarity protection and inrush current limitation and the extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C are just some of the advantages of the TERZ Industrial Ethernet switches. The TERZ Industrial Ethernet switches also operate reliably even if the supply voltage drops below 9 volts. The installation of the unmanaged Plug & Play Switches is quick and easy thanks to the arrangement of all data and power connections on the front of the device and by supporting Autonegotiation and Auto MDI-X. Crucial industry protocols such as PROFINET are preferably forwarded by priority-controlled packet forwarding (Quality of Service).

Slim RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Switches

Reliable and space-saving networking in the control cabinet with only 22.5 mm installation width. The NITE-RS RJ45 Industrial Ethernet switches for DIN rail mounting are available with 5 and 8 Fast Ethernet ports and provide a dielectric strength of 2.25 kVDC. The switches are specifically designed for use in industrial and IoT applications where maximum efficiency is required.

Flat compact RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Switches

The extremely flat NITE-RF unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches are available with 5, 8 and 16 ports RJ45 Fast Ethernet. Thanks to the optimized installation depth of only 32.5 mm and installation height of 105 mm, the compact switches are excellently suited for integration in electronic systems and for DIN rail mounting in optimized control cabinets.

  • NITE-RS with slim housing with 22.5 mm width
  • NITE-RF with flat housing with 32.5 mm depth
  • flexible power supply with 24 VAC/VDC
  • Robust IP30 metal housing
  • Safe, stable mounting on 35mm DIN rail
  • Industrial temperature range -40°C to + 70°C
  • Polarity protection and inrush current limitation

Mounting options

In many applications, the way in which the Industrial Ethernet Switches are mounted must be customizable. This can be for example a wall mounting option or an adjustment of the port alignment on the DIN rail. In this way, slim Ethernet switches with the ports on the front, can be adapted to flat switches with a port orientation directed downwards or to the side. Another option is the use of a cable catch rail which can be additionally mounted on the switch. The shock and vibration resistance are thus significantly increased for the RJ45 connections.

Industrial M12 USB Flash Drives

In addition to reliable data transmission, the local storage and retrieval of data, for example for the commissioning of devices, is becoming more and more important. With the TERZ Industrial M12 USB Flash Drives, there is an efficient railway-compliant solution available. The most compact M12 USB sticks worldwide have been designed and developed for use in continuous operation under extreme environmental conditions. A high dielectric strength and the robust IP65/67 stainless steel housing enable the use according to DIN EN 50155 at an ambient temperature of -40 to +70°C. However, it is not only the mechanical protection against external environmental influences which is important, but also the secure storage of the data. For this purpose, a fault-resistant SLC NAND Flash is used, which operates together with a powerful memory management to ensure maximum resilience and security in data storage. Over-Provisioning combined with high-performance Wear-Leveling and Error Correction Procedures (ECC), ensure extended retention of data and longevity of flash cells (Endurance).

  • Ultra-compact IP65/67 stainless steel housing 53 x 21,4 mm
  • Dielectric strength of 2.25 kVDC
  • Failure-resistant SLC NAND Flash 1, 4, 8 Gbit
  • Extended Temperature range -40°C to + 70°C
  • Retention and endurance increased by flash management
  • Wear-levelling algorithm
  • Over-Provisioning; Dynamic Data Refresh
  • Power-Fail Management; Read-Disturb-Management
  • Error Correction Code (ECC); Bad-Block Management
  • Suitable for railways according DIN EN 50155
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Industrial M12 USB Flash Drives
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Industrial M12 USB Flash Drives KALIBER-XS1
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Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches RJ45 TERZ NITE Flat Slim
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Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet Switches M12 IP65 IP40 TERZ NITE
Unmanaged RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Switches
Unmanaged RJ45 Industrial Ethernet Switches
Industrial M12 USB Flash Drive
Industrial M12 USB Flash Drive
Unmanaged M12 Industrial Ethernet Switches
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