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Mobile Ticketing for Rail

ByteToken continue to innovate and set the standards for mobile ticketing platforms worldwide, delivering proven, secure mobile ticketing for rail, bus, tram, tourism, and events. Combining visual ticketing, 2D Barcode mobile ticketing, Android NFC ticketing as well as Apple iOS NFC ticketing, Bluetooth and biometric mobile ticketing, we offer operators an integrated mobile app ticketing solution to suit any current infrastructure and budget. ByteToken’s solution allows operators to coordinate their efforts under one or more brands and share our comprehensive suite of reporting, payment, ticketing, and user tools. Our solutions increase the value of services that our clients can offer their communities; for example by enabling virtual partnerships with local and national attractions, businesses and events. [gallery ids="17563,17564,17569"]

World First iOS NFC Ticketing

In a world first, Bytemark Inc, ByteToken’s parent company, successfully introduced NFC ticketing on Apple iOS devices as part of their industry-leading mobile ticketing offering. Creating an app-based NFC mobile fare medium on iOS has long been seen by the transport industry as the ‘Holy Grail’ of mobile ticketing. Using this technology the benefits are clear for agencies. They will no longer have to carry the burden and expense of managing physical fare media. Worn out cards, lost cards, TVM maintenance and inventory management will all be consigned to the past. By making a cardless experience a reality Bytemark is offering agencies the necessary tools to meet the demands of the connected traveler.

The First Totally ‘Frictionless' Ticketing

Continuing to innovative in the mobile ticketing space, ByteToken demonstrated their ground-breaking Bluetooth ticketing solution in London. This patent-pending innovation makes it possible to open a fare gate or validate a fare without having to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. Breeze through fare gates or hop on board - the Bytemark app will handle the rest. The technology increases throughput speed and delivers a truly frictionless ticketing experience. [gallery ids="17566,17565,17561"]

ByteToken Offer Mobile Ticketing and More to Suit All Modes of Transport

Visually Verifiable Virtual (V3) Tickets Our patented V3 ticket deploys an animated watermark with a multi-layer validation system that allows a fare collector to visually confirm that the ticket is valid. This system requires no validation infrastructure. 2D Barcode Technology Deploy to millions of mobile users using standard 2D barcodes and QR codes. Our barcodes are dynamic, one-time use tokens that can be validated by standard 2D scanners or with our Android Merchant App. Photo ID  Adding Photo ID to the V3 ticket creates another level of security to the ticket verification process. Ideal for tickets that have a higher value such as an annual pass. Easy to manage from our extensive back office. Trip Planning Working with HaCon, leading European player for planning, scheduling and information solutions, riders are now able to enjoy an efficient and seamless mobile trip planning and ticketing experience. Advisories and Alerts Display in-app advisories and alerts notifying riders of schedule changes, route closures, or emergency situations. Contactless Ticketing Proximity ticketing technologies provides a secure option with an emphasis on ease-of-use and interoperability with existing hardware. Whether it’s RTD, NFC(HCE), or BluetoothLE we have the solution. [gallery ids="17568,17559,17562"]

Benefits to the Rail Operator

Detailed Reporting, Analytics, Management  ByteToken’s Transit Administration Portal provides sales, ticket usage data, app management tools, and detailed user reporting. Easy to Implement Our mobile apps are easy to deploy, the consumer supplies the required technology - their smartphone. Secure ByteToken has partnered with payment industry leaders to ensure that all transactions processed over our PCI certified platform are safe and secure. Improved Customer Experience  Empower customers with the tools and information they need to feel confident riding your transit system. Cross Promotional Opportunities Create ticketing packages with other transit agencies or local events.

Choose an Award Winning Solution

Every year Juniper Research identifies organisations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry, and who are positioned to make a significant impact in the future. The awards currently cover two key sectors: Commerce & Fintech + Technology & Innovation The awards are decided by a panel of expert judges based on a number of criteria, including: Product features and user benefits; Innovation; Commercial partnerships; Commercial launches; Certification and compliance; Potential future business development. Bytemark - Winners of the Future Digital Awards for Commerce & Fintech 2016 Category: Ticketing 2016 - Best Solution Stream: Commerce & Money Winner: Bytemark - Bytemark Mobile Apps & Merchant Back Office What the judges said:
“The Bytemark mobile ticketing platform encompasses smartphone apps, point-of-sale plug-ins, open APIs, mobile software development kits (SDKs), and a back office module for user management, fare management, and reporting engine. Bytemark continues to innovate with ticketing technology and is enabling Bluetooth LE technology in smart devices as a method for secure fare validation.”
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