CRRC to Design ‘Subway Car of the Future’ for New York

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The MTA Genius Transit Challenge is an international competition seeking innovative solutions to modernize and improve the reliability of the New York City subway system. On Friday, March 9, 2018, the winners were announced.

CRRC, the largest train car producer in the world, is proposing a $50 million initial investment to co-develop with MTA the NYCT subway car of the future. Technology is improving at a rapid pace, thus CRRC proposes that cars should have a shorter lifecycle to quickly adapt to new technology. In addition, they have proposed exploring new materials, such as carbon fiber, to create these modernized vehicles. These cars would be built in the United States. Once the design is complete, MTA will have a specification that can be used to procure new cars on a significantly faster timeline than is currently possible at MTA.

The Judges selected this proposal for an award because CRRC’s commitment to partner with MTA supports modern train control combined with the high potential for significant cost savings and an enhanced rider experience. MTA will be creating a joint working group with CRRC to explore design options.

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