Powernet and Amaronia Join Forces to Market Rail Power Solutions

Auxiliary power, battery and battery management technology has made a huge jump forward during the last years. Powernet has developed state-of-the-art battery management and charger solutions for the rail sector, which will give end-customers substantial added values, such as system availability and extended life time.

Amaronia has a network of clients and local partners around the globe, which will be used to market and sell the Powernet battery management solutions. 

Battery Management Solutions

Powernet’s co-operation with Amaronia © Powernet

Harry Lilja, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Powernet Oy, commented:

“We see this co-operation as a great way for Powernet to gain access to markets where we could not go alone. We are sure that our rail power and battery management solutions are very well positioned to gain a good foothold in the geographical areas Amaronia operates.”

Samuel Krüger, CEO of Amaronia, said:

“After evaluating the Powernet solutions, we see a big opportunity in many of the geographies, and especially in the rolling stock segment. Many train operators and train manufacturers are now understanding the importance of having intelligent battery management solutions.”

Rail Power Solutions

Many of the Powernet solutions bring new features, as remote diagnostics and State of Health to battery management. Both Powernet and Amaronia think that when customers know more about their batteries and charging mechanisms, this will decrease the overall cost and maintenance need. The Powernet solutions fit very well into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) concept, which means that they can all be monitored and supervised remotely. This means intelligent battery charging, data logging and communication is here today!

About Powernet Oy

Established in 1992, Powernet Oy is a Finnish company specialized in the design and manufacturing of power supplies, chargers and inverters. Its key customers are found in applications for transportation and demanding industrial needs. The company’s strengths include an Intelligent Charger Technology Platform and Robust Standard and Customer-Specific Power Supply Solutions. Powernet’s strategy is to be the best power supply partner on the European market for selected key accounts. With a turnover around 10M€ our team of 27 professionals is situated in Vantaa, Finland and Nuernberg, Germany.

About Amaronia Oy

Established in 2014, Amaronia is a company focused on helping to deliver marketing and sales services for customers seeking support in expanding to new geographical areas they have no previous experience in. Amaronia’s expertise can be found in the transportation segment, and is supported by a wide range of cultural and language understanding and a large network of local partners.

Original article © Powernet.


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Rail Auxiliary Power Supplies, Converters and Battery Chargers

Powernet is a trusted supplier of demanding power conversion solutions for transportation and industrial applications. Since 1992 we have produced hundreds of different power supplies for harsh conditions. Powernet is experienced in engaging our customers in customer specific products based on proven platforms designs and in addition has an extensive portfolio of standard power supplies to offer. Our rail approved solutions are certified according to relevant rail norms EN50155, including safety and fire approvals. Our goal is to be the chosen long term power supply partner for our customers. Powernet is based in Vantaa Finland with a highly skilled R&D team and a partner network including the best EMS companies in the Nordic region. [gallery ids="12171,12172,12173"]

Rail Approved Power Modules

Launched in 2012, Powernet’s ADC9000 series design platform covers the power supplies, converters and battery chargers from 500W-3200W with rail approved power modules, according to EN50155. Final products will often be optimized in co-operation with our customers. This is a perfect combination of the latest design knowledge and the individual needs of each customer. The ADC9000 series module family currently covers the following needs:

Train Battery Management System

Combining several ADC9000 modules into a train battery management system the MSR9800 system offers solutions from 3-20kW, including customized charging algorithms, temperature compensation and CAN bus interface. With a modular approach n+1 redundancy is achieved by installing 1 module extra in the system. The MSR 9800 is designed using a 2x 19” rack width. Higher power (n x 3,2kW) can be obtained by connecting several units to the system or even several systems to each other.

Track Side Power Solutions

Powernet standard products have been used in track side communication systems and railway crossing systems since year 2000.  The ADC5000-series power supplies and battery chargers offer a very reliable and proven solution with some 30 versions to choose from. For particularly harsh environments the units are offered “ruggedized” with both conformal coated PCB and silicone glue to support the main components against vibrations. Powernet DAC60000 – inverters offer a high end back-up solution to convert battery power (24VDC/48VDC/110VDC/220VDC) to high quality sinusoidal 230VAC. The DAC6000 family is highly modular and covers power ranges from 1,5KvA (1 unit) up to 90kVA featuring also modular static switches and By-pass units. [gallery ids="12177,12178,12179"]

Train Power Converters

Powernet offers a unique combination of innovativeness and reliability based on proven platform designs in their train power converters. Powernet advantages include: -40°C to +55°C Ambient Temperature, Cold start at -50°C (reduced performance), Compact aluminium IP21 enclosure, Light weight, CAN bus interface, Rail approved (EN50155), GOST approvals (project specific)
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