Rolling Stock Maintenance International Summit

18 Nov 2020 - 19 Nov 2020

Rolling Stock Maintenance International Summit 2020
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Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance International Virtual Summit 2020 – 18-19 November 2020

The Premier Global Event for Heads of Rolling Stock & Maintenance Engineers

The 9th Annual Rolling Stock Maintenance International Summit will examine global case studies on how fleet operators are restoring public confidence in rail as a safe and hygienic mode of transport.

To recover from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, with reduced resources and revenues, train operators must now redouble their efforts to make rail attractive to the travelling public once again. Reducing cost associated with maintenance of rail fleets will inevitably play a hugely important part in the industry’s recovery process.

Rail operators have an unprecedented opportunity to realise a greener railway, increase standards of safety and reliability and reduce cost in maintenance operations utilising digitalisation to reset the future of fleet maintenance.

Digitalisation, improved information to customers, and improved reliability of trains are now the mission critical issues that the industry needs to deliver on, but we’re now facing the added challenge of more limited resources.

Participants joining this forum will be able to hear practical solutions for achieving transformational change in the maintenance department. Our new Virtual Summit format will feature even more international participation than our previous live events enabling new levels of benchmarking and information sharing for rail fleet operators, their leasing and supply chain partners, delivered in a more cost effective and time efficient way for participants.

A Truly International Virtual Event Line-up, Enabled by Technology

Taking place entirely online, this two-day event features contributions from Peter Smyth, Chief Mechanical Engineer, Irish Rail; Andrew Cook, Fleet Project Manager and Human Error Prevention Fleet Lead, London Underground; Randy Sac, Information Management & Technology, Light Rail Manila Corporation; Dr Tony Lee, Chief Of Operations, MTR Hong Kong; Kang Kuen Lee, Adviser for Sydney Metro Project, MTR Hong Kong; as well as many other representatives from European, Asian, Middle East and North American passenger fleet operators who will discuss how they are building greater resilience into maintenance regimes and practices and how best to optimise the utilisation of digital technologies that simplify maintenance decision-making and deliver significant cost reductions.

Below are some of the global case studies from rolling stock operators that will be covered:

  • Best Practices in Leveraging Data to Reduce Maintenance Scheduling and Labour Overheads
  • Evaluating Low Cost Robust Sensor Technologies for Monitoring Legacy Fleets to Increase Reliability and Extend Component Life Cycles
  • Considering Safety Measures Global Operators Have Implemented to Deliver Safe Working Conditions and Hygienic Trains for Passengers
  • Implementing Human Factors Training to Reduce Costly Errors to Improve Reliability and Safety
  • Examining the Cost Benefits Associated with De-Carbonising Rolling Stock and the Implications to the Depot and Infrastructure

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