Rolling Stock Fire Safety Innovation

07 Dec 2020 - 15 Dec 2020

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Rolling Stock Fire Safety Innovation Webinar Series 2020: 7th-15th December 2020

The ignition and spread of fire in rail applications is one of the most important considerations for rolling stock designers and manufactures. For this reason, rail engineers and technologist are always actively looking for materials that are flame-retardant in nature, but also able to reduce the spread of flames when ignition has already taken place.

Authored in partnership with the leading global manufacturers, this series of individual, content lead – technical webinars, takes an in-depth look at the biggest challenges regarding fire protection and safety in rolling stock today.

The sessions provide insight and technical information on the latest fire safety and fire protection materials and systems available for all types of trains; including underground, metro transport services and rail freight, providing operators and manufacturers with the most comprehensive coverage of material and technology innovations, fire prevention, fire detection, fire suppression and fire alarm systems for all types of rail transport.

The development of the updated standards has brought significant changes and challenges to rolling stock, across train builders, operators, certification bodies, regulators and component manufacturers. A core part of fire safety rests on the use of materials that limit fire development and also produce low levels of smoke and toxic fumes in the event of a fire. WeRail Group has established a worldwide leading position in delivering events for the rail sector, combining its entire know-how especially in the area of rolling stock technology to curate a series of webinars, specifically for our 60,000 rail members for whom fire protection is their key challenge and responsibility.

The Rolling Stock Fire Safety Innovation webinar series consists of 21 sessions taking place over 7 days.

Webinars are free to attend, live, interactive with audience Q&A, and are scheduled to take around 60 minutes.

Please register for the relevant sessions individually, with your corporate email address. If you are unable to attend a session ‘Live’ at the scheduled time, please register anyway and you will be sent a link to access the session on-demand at your own convenience.

Session Schedule

Monday 7th December

11:00 CET: How Self-Extinguish Seals Can Protect Passengers From the Fire

13:00 CET: Achieving HL3 With CellobondTM Phenolic Resins

15:00 CET: High Pressure Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems

Tuesday 8th December

11:00 CET: Advanced Phenolic Composite Passenger Rolling Stock Floor Structures That Fire Protect Global Passengers

13:00 CET: Aerosol Extinguishing Systems: Important For The Safety In The Rail Sector

15:00 CET: Maximum Safety Innovative Fire Barrier Solutions For The Rail Industry

Wednesday 9th December

11:00 CET: Innovative Fire Barriers With Intumescent Materials: EN 45545 & NFPA 130

13:00 CET: Safety Management Systems: Fire Protection For Rail Vehicles

15:00 CET: Sealing Solutions For Cables, Pipes And Conduits For The Rail Industry: EN45545

Thursday 10th December

11:00 CET: Fire Resistant Floor Covering For Rail Vehicles

13:00 CET: Valvitalia Fire Fighting Systems: The ETR 500 Experience

15:00 CET: Optimizing The Production of EN45545-2 Compliant Composite Components For Rolling Stock

Friday 11th December

11:00 CET: Rail Fire Testing To Ensure A Consistency Of Performance Levels

13:00 CET: Driverless Train Technology: Safety Benefits & Challenges

15:00 CET: Applied Engineering & Material Science For Lighter, Stronger And More Fire Resistant Products

Monday 14th December

11:00 CET: Railway Technology: Plastics For Fire Protection

13:00 CET: How To Select Rail Components

15:00 CET: High Performance Fire Retardant Composite Materials

Tuesday 15th December

11:00 CET: Thermal Fire Sensors For Rolling Stock

13:00 CET: How Can Adhesives And Coatings Help Protect Your Passengers: Fire Rated Sealing, Bonding And Protection Solutions

15:00 CET: Maximum Safety: Innovative Fire Barrier Solutions For The Rail Industry

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