Rail Virtual

25 Jun 2020 - 25 Jun 2020

Terrapinn webinars
View event site Location: N/A Organiser: Terrapinn Organiser Website: https://www.terrapinn.com Organiser phone: +44 20 7092 1000 Organiser email: [email protected]

Rail Virtual will take place during a time of unprecedented disruption. The coronavirus crisis has hugely affected passenger rail operations, put rail freight supply chains under great pressure, and has delayed projects around the world.

It is important for the global rail community to come together to find out how to get though this period and thrive in a post-coronavirus world.

This 24-hour virtual event is the first of its kind. It will showcase how operators are innovating to keep going and accelerate their digital transformation so that operations remain on track.

The presentations will be be broadcast as will live interactive sessions from top rail industry executives from around the world. You can watch the session live online or on-demand after the fact.

Rail Virtual Agenda

The agenda over the 24 hours includes panel discussions, presentations and roundtables.

Panel topics include:

  • Improving digital experiences with smart services and harnessing connectivity
  • Meeting urbanisation growth: measuring scalable speed with the HSR’s leading players
  • Moving the freight of 2050: transforming networks with digitalised systems and cutting-edge rolling stock

Presentation topics include:

  • Interoperable innovations and cross-border synergy
  • Smart, safe systems for predictive maintenance: data, analytics and IoT
  • Cyber-resilience: getting a step ahead of risks with new technology: deploying cyber safety strategies

There are 3 roundtables in total. The topics of one of these are:

  • Uncovering funding gaps: regional project investment opportunities
  • Meeting technical specifications for interoperable networks and connected assets
  • The Covid-19 effect: what does the transportation landscape look like post pandemic?
  • Scaling up with 5G connectivity: leveraging universal wireless opportunities
  • Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS): advanced innovation for the last mile
  • Designing the smart terminal of tomorrow

You can view the full agenda here. You can also set up 15min virtual meetings with registered participants.

Rail Virtual Speakers

A large number of speakers will participate in the event, from companies such as OEBB, Transport for Cairo, Sydney Trains and Indian Railways, MTR and universities.

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