Integrated Rail Data Management

08 Jun 2021 - 08 Jun 2021

Integrated Rail Data Management: emerging trends for unpredictable times
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Integrated Rail Data Management: Emerging Trends for Unpredictable Times is a live webinar event on 8 June 2021.

7am New York, noon London, 1pm Paris, 7pm Beijing

Integrated Rail Data Management

COVID-19 has accelerated innovation with new problems requiring new solutions. The unpredictable nature of the pandemic has meant that the rail sector can no longer rely on precedence to predict passenger behaviour, freight demands, employee shift patterns and maintenance requirements. Interdepartmental and real-time data management will be crucial for any rail operator to survive the continuing uncertainty.

This webinar will raise awareness of these opportunities and challenges, and present real success stories of organisations who have thrived through the big data explosion. How can rail better gather, visualise and integrate information and streamline communication between departments?


  • Martin Mason – Director of predictive maintenance at Network Rail
  • Marc Gispert – Co-Founder & CEO at Smart Motors
  • Paolo Guglielminetti (Moderator) – Partner PwC Italy, global railways & roads leader at PwC


  • 13:00 Introduction: Jules Omura
  • 13:03 Opening remarks: Paolo Guglielminetti
  • 13:06 Presentation 1: Martin Mason
  • 13:16 Presentation 2: Marc Gispert
  • 13:31 Presentation 3: speaker to be announced
  • 13:41 Panel discussion & Audience Q&As: all speakers
  • 14:26 Closing remarks: Paolo Guglielminetti
  • 14:28 Conclusion: Jules Omura

The agenda timings are in CEST.

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