Annual Smart Rail Technology Conference

30 Nov 2021 - 01 Dec 2021

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2nd Annual Smart Rail Technology Conference will take place as a Digital Event online on 30 November – 1 December 2021.

This quarter’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report showed we need to put everything we have into fighting climate change – for our planet’s survival. We know the transportation sector is the second biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in Canada. The dialogue on rail technology innovation cannot be delayed.

The 2nd Annual Smart Rail Technology Conference is built around five themes:

  • Hydrail: Getting to Zero with Hydrogen Propulsion and Fuelling Systems in Rail
  • Electrified Rail Systems: Supporting Mass Transit Through Zero-Emissions Public Transit Networks
  • Big Data in Rail: Data-Driven Rail Solutions that Build Better, Faster, Cleaner Networks
  • Going Driverless: Autonomous and Connected Rail Systems
  • Return to Transit: Rail in a Post-Pandemic World

The aim of the conference will be to discuss critical topics that will define the future of rail in Canada. Participants of this conference will hear from industry experts, business leaders and political decision-makers who are working to make this a reality in Canada.

Panel Topics

  • Moving Canadians with light-rail: The ups and downs of LRT deployments across Canada
  • Electrifying rail hubs: Why the future of bus electrification depends upon rail station electrification
  • Strategic economic and environmental drivers behind the hydrail phenomenon
  • Decarbonising rail: Case studies in global hydrogen rail applications
  • Reshaping the future of autonomous rail
  • Rail station mobility hubs: Elevating socio-economic life with improved retail and multi-modal rail station design

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This event is hosted by The Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC) 

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