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Compressed Air Solutions for Rail

Whatever you need in compressed air application, TAMROTOR can be the optimal solution as absolute reliability in operation and high quality are our first concerns. This is very much valued by OEM customers using TAMROTOR products in train compressed air systems.

Tailored Rail Air Supply Systems

Modern day compact and light rail vehicles require a perfect balance between operational safety and economy. These challenges can be met by integrated air supply systems that are tailored to individual requirements. In rail vehicles, the compressor is under constant, heavy usage. Frequent starts and stops put a huge strain on the machine. The cycle times are rather short, as the compressor unit operates for a minute or two and then shuts down again for a couple of minutes. The operating rate for one compressor should be designed not to exceed 50%, since if one unit is damaged, the other unit’s output must be sufficient to pressurize the compressed air system of the entire rail vehicle.

Compressed air is an important energy source for many basic operations in rail vehicles. It is required not only for operating the brakes, but also for the doors, for controlling the suspension, tilting the cars (Tempest unit maximum operating tilting angle 30 degrees) and for operating the sanding equipment in cold environment eg.

TEMPEST Air End Units

Our range of integrated TEMPEST air end units (Pressure 3 – 13 barg, Power 2,2 – 75 kW, Air capacity (FAD) 0,25 – 13 m3/min) with all essential components in a compact size. Our customers value high very efficiency oil separation from the compressed air containing oil aerosols less than 3 mg/m3 in air. If due to space limitation Tempest unit or CT compressor does not fit to customer’s application, option is to use Enduro air end and our supplied oil separator tank which gives more freedom to utilize available space.

Further, to take a benefit of the product modularity and support our ambition to meet our various OEM customers’ needs, we have CT-series compressors.  CT-series compressors are very compact ready-made compressor packages w/o starters, just to fit your application. All CT-series compressors have pneumatic capacity air capacity control, and they are available with electric or hydraulic motors as a standard.

TAMROTOR is a brand of GARDNER DENVER – Your Ultimate Source for Vacuum and Pressure.

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