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Railway Power Electronics and Traction Solutions

RIF Corporation is a modern hi-tech enterprise main areas of activity of which are:

  • development and establishment of systems for microelectronics, automation control systems and the control;
  • railway power electronics;
  • thermoelectric devices.

RIF Corporation develops and manufactures products that offer high reliability, stable quality and innovative solutions. For the first time for cathodic protection of gas pipeline applied autonomous thermoelectric power sources, developed and manufactured by the RIF Corporation. For the first time in the product produces by RIF Corporation the thermogenerating batteries were used to generate electricity in hiking and living conditions. For the first time in the world practice of railway engineering RIF Corporation started to produce microclimate systems for cab locomotives. By using the latest technologies(including nano-technologies) and the effective management, RIF Corporation has reached a qualitatively new level of development that meets specific customer requirements and dynamically responds to the needs of Russian and world markets.

Railway Power Technologies

RIF Corporation is structured in a unique way, with the existence of four independent production departments allowing intensive development in conditions of the modern market economy, irrespective of the volume change of each business area.

Loyalty and flexibility of marketing policy, advanced management strategies, flexible organization structure, and professionalism of specialists of our technical departments allow us to meet specific requirements of our clients concerning parameters of our products, increase company marketability, and dynamically respond to requirements of Russian and world market.

RIF Corporation is an annual participant of conferences such as ICT, ECT,«Russian Innovation Week», and also exhibitions such as Hannover Messe, Electronica, Innotrans, and OGS in Middle East.

For the last three years RIF Corporation has mastered and integrated 6 new technological processes:

  • Plasma spraying
  • Material laser cutting
  • Material hydro-abrasive cutting,
  • Production of fiber-glass products,
  • Hot and cold pressing of thermoelectric materials,
  • Production of optical ceramics.

Train Thermoelectric Generators

The specialty of supplying railway application products manufactured by RIF Corporation is complexity. In other words, our products provide the possibility to supply several alternatives to each locomotive at the same time, thus providing more convenience and benefits. heProducts supplied for railways have completely modular construction, providing applications in different locomotives such as mainline and switching locomotives.
Products are intended for continuous operation in severe climatic and mechanical conditions.

All products can be divided into four groups:

  • Controlled thyristor rectifiers (traction converters, rectifiers for generator field winding supply and etc.)
  • Control and diagnostic units for microprocessor control systems in traction and braking modes microprocessor control system, thermo-sensors control unit.)
  • Protective and commutating products (resistor units, chokes, shunts, insulators and etc.)
  • Products for comfortable microclimate maintenance in the locomotive cabin (conditioners).
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Power Supply Unit for Frequency Transducers


Silicone Rectifier Unit


Valve Inductor Generator


Modular Control Cabin for Traction Equipment


Single-Channel Rectifiers


Step-down Transformer Т-132

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