US High Speed Rail Association

The US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR) is the only organization in America focusing entirely on advancing a state-of-the-art national high speed rail network across the country

The US High Speed Rail Association (USHSR) mission is to build widespread public, business, and political support for a major investment in a national high speed rail network.

We are an independent, nonprofit trade association chartered to organize and mobilize the industry with a shared vision for a 21st century, 17,000 mile national high speed rail system built in phases for completion by 2030.

This new national electric transportation project will revive our economy and manufacturing sector by creating millions of new jobs.  It will be the catalyst for the next real estate boom, significantly reduce our dependence on oil, shrink our national carbon footprint, reduce congestion, and create efficient mobility that’s safe and affordable for its passengers.

Key people at US High Speed Rail Association

First name Last name Position Email
joe shelhorse Vice President at US High Speed Rail Association
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Contact Details:

840 First St. NE, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20002

TEL: +1 202 248 5001

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