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Allianz pro Schiene is a German rail advocacy organisation whose members come from two sectors: the non-profit sector (with 24 members) and the business sector (with more than 150 organisations).

It aims to support and improve rail transport in Germany. It wants to expand rail’s market share and views itself as a political counterweight to the car lobby. It wants to draw attention to problems in Germany’s transport policies. Its key areas of interest are:

  • expanding the rail network: Allianz pro Schiene wants the German government to invest 6.5 billion euros annually to make the country’s rail infrastructure fit for the future
  • passenger transport: rail transport is growing at a greater rate than private vehicle transport. Allianz pro Schiene wants to see this trend continue so that Germany can move away from fossil fuels
  • freight transport: for a long time the rail freight market was losing market share but there has been a reversal in the 21st century and Allianz pro Schiene wants to see that continue
  • safety: rail is the safest mode of transport all over Europe
  • environment: rail is the most environmentally friendly form of powered transport. To avoid drowning in traffic and pollution, rail requires political support
  • skilled labour shortage: Allianz pro Schiene wants to highlight railway jobs as attractive and facilitate people from entering the sector

Germany is more liveable if it can move away from the car-centric, lorry-centric country it currently is, said Allianz pro Schiene Executive Director Dirk Flege.

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