Rolling Stock Forum

10 Feb 2022 - 10 Feb 2022

The Rolling Stock Forum
View event site Location: Clifford Chance, 10 Upper Bank Street, London, E14 5JJ Organiser: The Waterfront Conference Company Organiser Website: Organiser phone: +44 (0)207 067 1597 Organiser email: c[email protected]

Rolling Stock Forum 2022 will take place in London, UK at Clifford Chance on 10 February 2022.

The Rolling Stock Forum will provide you with a focused guide to meeting rolling stock needs, changing requirements and how rail reform will affect rolling stock and future procurement.  Attend to hear the latest delivery timelines of the Williams-Shapps Plan for Rail and critical insight on what this means for investment opportunities, financial risks and where responsibilities will lie moving forwards.

The event will provide expert practical guidance on how to refurbish existing fleets and introduce new trains into service. The day will also explore rolling stock’s role in meeting decarbonisation targets, the progress with new types of fuels, and how technological advances and developments in rolling stock can drive digitalisation of the industry.

Highlights of attending

  • Understand the plans for reform and what the role of Great British Railways will be with rolling stock – considering what this means for the industry and future financing and procurement
  • Receive practical insight on how to manage the procurement process – from evaluating the cost effectiveness of refurbishment to ensuring fleet sustainability and reliability
  • Hear lessons on how to introduce new fleet into services – overcoming obstacles to prevent delays
  • Explore the advances with alternatives to diesel as a fuel – understanding what the options are, and how these need to be implemented, to meet decarbonisation targets
  • Consider the advancements in technology and digitalisation and what these mean for rolling stock – what technology is now required and how to future proof new fleet

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This event is organised by The Waterfront Conference Company.

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