TBOGI HD – Bogie Condition Monitor and Hunting Detector – English

TBOGI-HD accurately measures bogie geometry in-motion using laser based technology. Measurements include: ·Axle Angle of Attack ·Axle Tracking Position ·Bogie Tracking Error ·Bogie Inter-Axle Misalignment ·Bogie Rotation ·Bogie Shift ·Bogie Hunting In addition to the bogie performance monitoring capabilities of TBOGI, TBOGI-HD also detects laterally unstable bogies, a condition also referred to as bogie hunting. Contrary to other technologies that simply supply an arbitrary index, the TBOGI-HD system provides data in physical units (i.e. actual millimeter displacement). TBOGI-HD not only detects severely hunting bogies, but also low-level instability incipient to hunting. TBOGI’s wide dynamic range captures very subtle truck performance deficiencies as well as identifying gross defects. Other condition monitoring systems on the market notify users of damage once it has occurred; but this is after the fact and does not indicate whether the damage is the root cause or a symptom. In contrast, TBOGI enables users to trend the health of rolling stock and intervene at early alert levels before accelerated and expensive damage is caused to rolling stock and track, as well as providing precious insight into identifying root causes. Like the TBOGI system, TBOGI-HD systems are installed on tangent track and are simple to install and maintain. TBOGI-HD systems have a demonstrated high reliability record and low cost of ownership.

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Wayside Inspection Devices Inc.

Wayside Inspection Devices Inc. (WID) 20, rue de la Cooperative Rigaud, Québec J0P 1P0 Canada

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