Stat-X®: Your Choice for Special Hazard Fire Protection

Stat-X®: Your Choice for Special Hazard Fire Protection
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Stat-X® Fire Suppression

Your Choice for Special Hazard Fire Protection

Traditional Special Hazard Fire Protection Centres Around Two Technologies

Water deluge and chemical agent fixed systems protect high value assets and processes not possible with sprinkler-based fire protection.

But this technology remains basically unchanged over the years; a supply of agent is stored under pressure, released through a piping distribution network, floods the space, and suppresses the fire.

Traditional piped systems require costly installation adaptations like:

  • Extra space for agent containers and piping
  • Robust fixtures to handle weight and discharge
  • System isn’t easily reconfigured if space changes
  • Extensive and frequent maintenance burden
  • Special measures for recharging at remote sites

Stat-X Aerosol Technology – An Effective and Economical Alternative

For safety professionals who need effective and economical special hazard fire protection, Stat-X® aerosol technology delivers up to 35% savings in equipment and lifecycle costs compared to traditional systems. This is due to lower initial expense plus minimal ongoing service costs.

Stat-X® aerosol technology is different:

  • NO distribution piping, manifold, or nozzles
  • NO floor space requirement or shoring up for weight
  • NO special handling for compressed gas cylinders
  • NO venting or ceiling tile clips for discharge forces
  • NO solenoid actuators, control heads, or hoses
  • NO water drains or pipe freeze protection
  • NO system pressurization or room integrity tests

How It Works

Stat-X® devices are termed condensed aerosol agent generators because they generate an ultra-fine suspension of highly ionized potassium fire-fighting particles upon actuation.

The key elements in the generation process are:

  • Device is sealed and stable until actuated
  • Actuator at top energizes proprietary compound, creating aerosol agent by exothermic oxidation
  • Build-up of ultra-fine particles and nitrogen gas breaks membrane seal and exits through ports
  • Discharge fills protected area with a soft suspension of Stat-X agent without “super-pressurizing” space
  • Potassium ions combine with fragments of combustion, inhibiting the fire chain reaction
  • Agent particles also absorb heat from the fire and form inert gases upon decomposition
  • Minute Stat-X® agent particles (≤2 μm) remain in suspension afterwards, helping check re-ignition
  • Post-fire area can be vented, with no harmful byproducts generated

The superior effectiveness of condensed aerosols is due to a unique set of characteristics unmatched by other special hazard agents. This is why it is by far the most efficient fire suppression agent by weight.

Download the full PDF here.

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