Locomotives for Urban Transport

Schalke locomotives for urban transport provide maximum versatility and can be used to perform a variety of tasks in suburban and regional passenger rail transport systems. They are in daily use to perform service or maintenance work in the under- ground and tram rail networks of cities such as Vienna, Bangkok and São Paulo.

Schalke Multi-Purpose Locomotives for Urban Transport

The four-axle modular multi-system and service locomotive with reduced loading gauge has an unladen weight of between 48 and 64 tonnes and is an extremely versatile, reliable working vehicle. Developed for the operators and service companies of underground and urban rail services, this traction vehicle is very useful for duties such as constructing or maintaining infrastructure. Due to its modular design, its traction technology and modules can be combined in a variety of ways to suit the requirements of the customer. The locomotive can be supplied with the required power via a number of different modules: a Diesel-Powerpack, Battery-Powerpack, a pantograph for catenary operation or a third rail are all available and can
be either combined with one another or simply used alternately.

Optimised for use in underground and urban rail networks, the 36- tonne multi-system service locomotive has been designed as a lightweight that achieves an axle load of only 9 tonnes. At the same time it has a high power density and can be operated throughout an entire shift without catenary input, thanks to its battery capacity of 540 Ah.

Each of its four wheelsets is driven by a 130-kW AC traction motor that is separately being controlled via IGBT converter technology. Moreover, the locomotive is equipped with a highly efficient slip-and-slide protection system that improves traction and minimises wear on both infrastructure and wheels. Designed for dual-mode operation, the locomotive is powered either by a traction battery or by a third rail current collector, which means it can be used flexibly on any route. The locomotive is also fitted with a four-quadrant controller, enabling it to brake electro-dynamically and effectively bring the entire train to a standstill as well as stop and start on ascending slopes.

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