S3 Passenger for Irish Rail

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Irish Rail larnrod Eireann, Irish Rail, operates city and commuter services in Dublin and Cork as well as intercity services throughout Ireland. Customers are at the heart of their business. Their mission is to deliver transport services that continuously meet customers’ requirements and help drive Irelands’ economic development.

Gerry Culligan, Commercial Director Irish Rail, commented: “Irish Rail is immediately benefiting from S3 Passenger’s proven technology during the first days of operation, with improved customer experiences and record online revenue generation! S3 Passenger and Sqills have lived up to our expectations, especially their ‘can do’ mentality.”

Working closely together with Sqills for some time, Paul O’Kelly commented: “Never lose the solutions focus that you guys at Sqills have. You combine aptitude and attitude perfectly.”

Irish Rail uses all the S3 Passenger modules from Sqills. Download the case study below!

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Booking, Reservation and Revenue Management Software

Sqills is the leading, innovative, provider of (SAAS) software solutions for the rail and bus industry. We build, implement and maintain high-quality, mission critical, software solutions. Our extensive experience on fare, booking and revenue management engines has formed the foundation of the world-class S3 Passenger booking, reservation and revenue management software suite. S3 Passenger has been designed from scratch for train and bus operators to lower their distribution costs, improve their time to market and enhance customer preference. [gallery ids="18219,18144,18143"]

Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Software

S3 Passenger is the best available sales and distribution system on the market. It is a fully scalable web based platform that can handle millions of transactions. The system handles multi-segment and multi-stopover passenger transport services, with or without reservation including sales of additional on-board services and after-sales operations of previously created bookings. Thousands of out-of-the-box features allow rail users to benefit from proven technology, short time-to-market and powerful self-services. The real-time S3 Passenger system has 3 objectives:

Unique Features for Rail Operators

S3 Passenger is a powerful software solution for rail operators to replace dated sales & distribution components. Over the past 12 years Sqills has gained extensive rail knowledge across a variety of operators around the globe. In discussion with rail operators, such as NS, Irish Rail, SNCF, Thalys/IZY, Ouigo and many more we learned a lot about the shortcomings of the current generation sales and distribution software and operator’s needs. These insights, needs and executed market research have led to the development of S3 Passenger. S3 Passenger contains thousands of out-of-the-box and proven technology functionalities to meet rail operator’s needs. At least 90% of operators needs are covered “Out of the Box” by S3 Passenger. Unique features of S3 Passenger:

Rail Revenue Management Solutions

S3 RM is a software module within the S3 Passenger software suite to maximize and control revenue from available market demand. The S3 Passenger revenue management solution provides users: With S3 RM, revenue analysts are always fully in control by means of dashboards and real-time access to price and inventory settings. The system is fully web based with a very easy and intuitive user-friendly interface.

The S3 Passenger Roadmap

There is an ongoing activity to apply new technologies in the S3 Passenger software to support distribution, sales and revenue management strategies. The S3 Passenger community is actively involved to define these roadmap requirements together with the various Sqills teams.

24/7 Managed Services

S3 Passenger is a business-critical application requiring 24/7 attention. Sqills operates according to ITIL standards and applies all relevant ISO quality and information security standards to the managed service processes. The experienced Sqills Managed Services team manages business critical applications for all our customers.

High-Quality Business Applications

Our software has to meet the highest standards set for business-critical applications. In order to achieve a consistent high-level of quality, Sqills has implemented a quality management programme across the organisation to improve our quality continuously and received the ISO 9001:2015 certificate from TÜV Nederland. Besides that, Sqills also received the ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System certification. Sqills will continuously deliver the highest level of both Quality and Security management in the years to come as this is part of our DNA and crucial for our customers and end-users.

Join Our Fast-Growing Community

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