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Road-Rail Vehicles: Unbeatable Mobility on the Tracks

The constant increase in passenger and freight rail traffic respectively increases wear on materials and machines. The result is a higher maintenance requirement and shorter intervals before more work is necessary. The limited availability of the track therefore means the work has to be performed more efficiently to minimize railway traffic disturbance. As the costs of using conventional rail-bound machines and working methods to carry out this work are continually increasing, the future belongs to flexible road-rail systems.

Our road-rail vehicles move between work sites at normal road speed and can be driven on the road as close as possible to the work site. This reduces the track transport time considerably and increases the effective working time on the track.

A further decisive advantage of our road-rail vehicles is that they can be loaded at the depot and are therefore able to transport the material to the work site using the road and the track. The easy and uncomplicated transfer of the vehicle from the road onto the track saves time and money as there is no need to reload the material. This means that road-rail vehicles can usually work longer at the site.

Your Benefits

  • Patented road-rail system equipped with a hydrostatic drive
  • Rapid transport to and from the work site
  • Speed up to 100 km/h on tracks (forward & reverse) and up to 90 km/h on the road
  • The rail system requires only 3 to 5 m of a level crossing to transfer from the road to the track
  • Fast and safe driving on and off the track in less than 2 minutes
  • No risk of derailment at crossing points, wing rails and level crossings
  • No special speed restriction requirements for curves, switches and at level crossings
  • Remote control of the vehicle
  • All vehicles are custom made to meet customer needs and specifications
  • All vehicles comply with EN 15746/RIS1530
  • The SRS service team ensures reliable operations and a long life for your vehicles

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