Rail Welding Processes

Goldschmidt Thermit Railservice is an authorized welding specialist according to the certificate of suitability of class 1 following Ril. 826.1020 of the Federal German railways (Deutsche Bahn). Our welding teams, consisting of experienced welders holding certifications of class 1, carry out THERMIT® welding as well as electric repair and joint welding of rails and switches to the highest standards of quality. Additionally we provide the necessary accredited construction supervisors to conduct the stress equalization in order to manufacture the continuously welded track following DB Ril. 826.130.

Joint Welding of Rails and Switches

With our various welding processes, we seamlessly connect almost all rails and main parts of different profiles and grades with each other. This allows us a safe rail connection while increasing ride comfort and track life. We develop, produce and deliver all the components needed for the respective welding process.


Safe Joining of Rails

With our various welding processes nearly all rails and switches of various profiles as well as grades worldwide can be continuously welded. This guarantees the safe joining of rails while at the same time increasing travel comfort and the lifetime of the rails. As an end-to-end supplier we develop, manufacture and supply all components for our different welding processes.

Aluminothermic Welding of Rails

We continuously weld flat bottom rails, grooved rails and crane rails thanks to our aluminothermic welding of rails process. Our THERMIT ® welding processes include welding processes SkV, SkV-Elite, LSV, SoW-5, SRZ and SKS.

Arc Welding for Rail Joints

We offer the joint welding processes E/111 using rod electrodes and E/114 self-shielded flux cored wire electrodes. The E-joint welding is primarily used with grooved and flat bottom rails on behalf of municipal transport services, or is used where THERMIT ® welding processes are not possible due to constructional reasons.

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