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Frauscher Sensor Technology

Train Tracking Systems

In an increasingly complex world we make it easy for our customers to obtain the information they need. Our solutions will be tomorrow’s industry benchmark, requiring less hardware to enable smooth, safe and efficient railway operations. Our claim – Track more with less. Precise detection and tracking of train movements enables efficient train control management. Our train tracking systems provide information required for track vacancy detection (SIL 4), to manage level crossings, for switching point protection or platform announcements as well as further applications.

Wheel Detection Systems

Our wheel detection systems provide highly precise information for reliable and safe triggering of track side monitoring equipment. Furthermore, tracking systems offer innovative possibilities to directly monitor train and infrastructure assets.

Railway Track Monitoring

The ability to detect all kinds of activities along a track forms the basis for efficient protection of personnel, vehicles and even animals. Railway track monitoring capabilities can also be used for securing infrastructure components from trespassers, cable thefts or vandalism. Robust wayside equipment for sensing and evaluation guarantees reliability and safety.

Frauscher Sensor Technology

Frauscher is a global leading expert.

Ever since the foundation of Frauscher Sensor Technology this thought is the driver behind our high innovative strength. We are consequently developing existing as well as new products based on modern technological approaches
to ease the access to information. This allows system integrators and operators to manage, monitor, protect
and efficiently operate their network.

We are going ahead keeping the focus on simplification of handling as well as maximising the output. This is just one of the many reasons why our customers all around the world are already best-equipped to face up to the challenges of the future.

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