High-Performance Hoses, Ducts, and Connectors for Rail

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For more than 50 years, Flexfab has been a leading designer and supplier of high-performance polymer-based products, including reinforced elastomeric hoses, ducts, and connectors.

Today, we are a world leader in the manufacturing and assembly of parts made from silicone and composites, and have a global reputation for superior results at every stage of design and production. That reputation has established Flexfab as the trusted supplier to the top firms in a wide range of businesses across North America, Europe, Asia, and South America.

In the transportation industry, our reputation is built on a commitment to engineering excellence and providing customized solutions for manufacturers in everything from aerospace to automotive, trucking, and of course, rail.

Reliable, Cost-Efficient Ideas that Have Rail Moving in the Right Direction

Flexfab’s High-Performance Hoses, Ducts, and Connectors for Rail are enabling a new era of reliable, cost-efficient operation. Passenger systems across the globe rely on our flexible hose, composite ducts, and other products to help reduce weight while ensuring reliable operation of HVAC units. You’ll also find Flexfab connectors, coolant hoses, turbo bellows and other parts hard at work in locomotives, enhancing efficiency and reliability, mile after mile, year after year.

While we meet the exacting standards and specications of the major aircraft, automobile, truck, military and industrial manufacturers, we also meet or exceed the toughest rail industry standards, including:

  • EN 45545
  • NFPA 130

We’re experienced. We’re trusted. We’re Flexfab.

Wherever you turn today, you’ll find Flexfab products driving the rail industry forward. That’s because rail companies know they can count on Flexfab. Engineering trust. Around the world.™

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Fluid Handling & HVAC Components for Rail Vehicles

Flexfab is your source for durable, lightweight HVAC components for rail vehicles and components for diesel and electric powered locomotives. We offer a full line of standard and custom flexible hoses, sleeves and bellows. Our assemblies save installation time while reducing weight and component count by integrating a single component solution. [gallery ids="19098,19097,19099"]

Passenger Rail HVAC

Flexfab offers a full line of standard and custom flexible hoses and sleeves for passenger rail HVAC systems that conform to EN45545, NFPA130, and other international standards. Light-Weight rigid Ducting that can incorporate thermal and acoustical insulation to operate reliably in a wide range of temperature conditions. They are some of the lightest products in the industry! Flexible Ducting: Low pressure flexible ducts for positive and negative air pressure that operate in a wide temperature range. Custom designs: Round to rectangle, we offer tapers in variable dimensions.  Designed and built to your custom requirements. Hoses: Lightweight, low pressure hoses designed and built to your specifications. Insulation: Multiple options are available to meet any R-value and thickness requirement. Tapers and Variable Diameters: Transition between different diameters seamlessly over varied lengths. Bellows: Ideal for high pressure applications. Offered in bonded, clamped or crimped fittings. Customizable for individual offset and extension requirements. Silencers/Mufflers: Flexfab can manufacture a custom silencer for your noise reduction needs. [gallery ids="19994,19993,19996"]

Locomotive Assemblies

Flexfab’s selection of locomotive assemblies include: Flexfab integrates your flexible, composites, clamps, flanges, pipes, brackets and insulation needs into a single component solution. Flexfab locomotive assemblies have been proven to be highly reliable in the most extreme engine environments. Charge Air Turbo Assembly: Flexfab’s patented charge air turbo assembly uses large diameter hoses and bellows. This product is ideal for high temperature, high pressure applications. Turbo Air Elbow: Large diameter turbo air elbow is available with or without V-band hardware intended for use on the cold side of the CAC system. Charge Air Hose: Large diameter charge air hose for use in high temperature, high pressure applications. Available with or without hardware. Charge Air Bellows: Large diameter charge air bellows for use in high temperature, high pressure applications. Coalescer Assemblies: Coalescer assemblies are optimized for crank case ventilation. This product handles heavy oil vapors and hot air with ease. Coalescer Hose: Coalescer hose has the same functionality and dimensions of the coalescer assemblies. [gallery ids="19985,19986,19984"]

Locomotive Engine Components

Flexfab offers standard and custom locomotive engine components for handling positive and negative air flow and a wide range of operating temperatures. EGR Bellows: Flexfab offers large and small diameter bellows or hoses designed to withstand exhaust gases. Charge Air: Flexfab has your low and high pressure demands covered with unlimited size and configurations to satisfy custom needs. Coolant Hose: For use in high temperature and pressure engine environments, without being affected by coolant additives. Air Inlet Ducts: Wide and flexible, vacuum resistant products available in any length. Elbows: Standard and custom elbows are available to meet your specific requirements.

Locomotive Sleeves and Connectors

Flexfab's variety of locomotive sleeves and Connectors offer flexible solutions for extreme environments when dependability and durability are a necessity.

Passenger Rail Traction Motor Ducts

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