Flexible Ducting and Connectors

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Flexfab has over 50 years of expertise in flexible hose design. Today, we lead the way with a wide range of hoses that are industry or customer standards and custom design solutions.

We also have a large selection of flexible ducts that are optimized for cost and weight reduction. You can choose from standard diameters of 0.5” to 13” in a wide range of pressure capabilities. Or we offer custom diameters up to 24”. Flexfab also offers a full range of insulations, as well as, quick-attach connectors that eliminate the need for clamps. And we can add acoustical treatments to our hoses, for sound absorption and improved thermal properties

Every application has both a technical goal and a commercial goal. Whether transferring air or liquids, Flexfab has a flexible solution to meet your needs.

Flexible Ducting and Connectors for Rail Vehicles

Flexfab offers a full line of standard and custom flexible ducting and connectors for rail vehicles that conform to EN45545, NFPA130, and other international standards.

Light-Weight rigid Ducting that can incorporate thermal and acoustical insulation to operate reliably in a wide range of temperature conditions. They are some of the lightest products in the industry!

Flexible Ducting: Low pressure flexible ducts for positive and negative air pressure that operate in a wide temperature range.

Locomotive Sleeves and Connectors: Flexfab’s variety of locomotive sleeves and Connectors offer flexible solutions for extreme environments when dependability and durability are a necessity.

We’re experienced. We’re trusted. We’re Flexfab.

Wherever you turn today, you’ll find Flexfab products driving the rail industry forward. That’s because rail companies know they can count on Flexfab. Engineering trust. Around the world.™

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