Distek™ (ArmorGalv®): Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating

Distek™ (ArmorGalv®): Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating
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Distek (Armorgalv)

Thermal Diffusion Zinc Coating

What is Distek™ / ArmorGalv®?

An innovative, ecologically clean, anti-corrosion zinc coating method provides better quality, stronger corrosion resistance, maximum uniformity, and an attractive cost-benefit ratio.

We help manufacturers cut their costs dramatically by allowing them to make their anti-corrosion coating in-house with green, easy-to-operate TDG coating lines.

Since finishing the technology development in 1995, we established dozens of licensees worldwide, including in the US, Europe, China, Japan, South Africa, Russia, Canada, Australia, Israel and Turkey.


  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Railway
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Metro
  • Electricity
  • Energy


Line: We will plan, design and produce the coating line most suitable for your company’s needs.
Powder: A unique mixture developed by the Distek company consists of zinc powder and other materials.
Materials: An integral part of the technology is the passivation process; involves patented chromate-free solutions developed by the Distek company.


Our unique coating process performs much better results in every significant aspect.

Maximum Protection: Corrosion resistance up to 3000 hours in SST.
Minimal Pretreatment: No need for a chemical process before coating.
Maximum Uniformity: Guarantees uniform thickness even on tubes and internally threaded parts.
Cost-Effectiveness: Save energy, no wastewater, no additional expansions on environmental issues.
Completely Ecologically Clean: Won the  Pollution Prevention Award (MVP2), presented by the US EPA.
Dry Process: No acids or toxic elements, and nothing is thrown into the sewer.
No Wastewater: Distek lines include a water-cleaning system that recycles the water.

Distek™ / ArmorGalv® VS HDG

Distek™ (ArmorGalv®) has a 100% intermetallic alloy structure, with a significant Gamma layer and a more iron-rich structure than HDG. The ArmorGalv® layer is hard and abrasion-resistant, while the richer iron content also provides superior corrosion resistance.

  • Superior corrosion resistance
  • No hydrogen embrittlement failures
  • High precision and uniformity
  • Environmentally friendly

HDG, most of the time, has a pure zinc layer that is more than half of the coating. The inter-metallic alloy layers are much thinner (particularly the very thin Gamma, which is the hardest and most corrosion-resistant) and poorer in iron content.

  • Lower corrosion resistance
  • Hydrogen embrittlement failures
  • Poor precision and uniformity
  • Not environmentally friendly

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Advanced, Eco-Friendly Anti-Corrosion Coatings – An Interview with Moshe Moked, President and CEO of Distek North America.

A New Armorgalv® TDG Coating Line for Hubbell Power Systems

A New Armorgalv® TDG Coating Line for Hubbell Power Systems

Distek Ltd. announced a new Armorgalv® Thermal Diffusion Galvanizing line for Hubbell Power Systems in Wuhan, China.

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