Distek Anti-Corrosion Coating Lines Save Energy and Lower Costs

Distek Anti-Corrosion Coating Lines Save Energy and Lower Costs
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Distek (Armorgalv)

Distek Anti-Corrosion Coating Lines Save Energy, Reduce Waste and Lower Costs

This article first appeared in the Railway-News magazine Issue 4 Track & Infrastructure edition, November 2022.

Distek thermal diffusion galvanising (TDG) coating lines offer a wide range of time and cost savings.

Distek enables manufacturers to run anti-corrosion coating lines in-house thanks to their simple, green operation. This means there’s no need for on-site engineers or permits from environmental authorities.

Not only do customers gain a superior anti-corrosion solution; they also benefit from the improved efficiencies the technology enables, which saves them time and money.

Save Money by Bringing Coating In-House

Of course, the most significant savings come from simply being able to do your anti-corrosion coating in-house.

Moshe Shmidov, Global Marketing and Business Development Manager, Distek, says:

“With our solution you can make anti-corrosion coating an integral part of your production process in-house – you can make your parts, coat them and then they’re simply ready to ship.

“This way, you save time and all the costs related to transporting the parts back and forth to coating providers. Furthermore, the coating providers should naturally profit too, so they charge extra, but when doing the coating in-house, manufacturers only pay the cost.”

Significant Energy Savings

At a time when the cost of energy continues to make headlines, minimising its use is a key priority for businesses across the world.

Distek’s solution can dramatically help with this, as it offers significant energy savings when compared to other market offerings that use the conventional hot-dip galvanising (HDG) method.

This power-hungry approach requires what is essentially a ‘big bath’ of zinc to be consistently maintained at 600 degrees centigrade, whereas Distek’s thermal diffusion coating process is carried out at much lower temperatures.

Meaningful energy savings are clear, but added to this is the ability to simply switch machines on and off as needed, rather than continuously maintain a high temperature. This provides yet another opportunity to minimise energy use, which not only saves money, but can also improve an organisation’s green credentials.

No Waste

In fact, Distek’s entire anti-corrosion coating process is green – no wastewater, hazardous materials or polluting waste come from the procedure.

The closed system includes a water cleaning process that recycles the water, while its dry process ensures there are no acid or toxic elements.

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