Rail Challenge No 1: Legacy System Upgrades

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Charcroft Electronics Ltd

Challenge Charcroft to help you to overcome obstacles to designing upgrades for electronic systems in rolling stock or signalling. The flexibility to customise standard products can enable new components to become drop-in replacements for legacy parts, or provide additional environmental protection against harsh environments.

Rail Power Supplies

  • EN50155 & EN50121 compliant
  • EN50121-4 AC/DC 150W
  • Wide input voltages
  • Vacuum encapsulation

Thermostats, Sensors & Breakers for Rail

  • Pressure sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Circuit breakers

Rail Optoelectronics

  • ST-connectorised solutions
  • Fibre-opticTX/RX discrete components

Resistors for Railway Applications

  • Surface mount
  • Tubular wire-wound
  • Voltage- & current-sense
  • Specialist power resistors

Capacitors for Railway Applications

  • Aluminium electrolytic
  • High-power, HV lm capacitors
  • Precision mica capacitors
  • High-voltage MLCC
  • Tantalum

Rail Magnetics

  • Transformers & inductors
  • Sensors & electro-magnets

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