Rugged Mobile Computing Equipment for Railways

Handheld Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of rugged mobile handhelds, tablets and notebook computers. Together with a network of reselling partners and software solution providers, Handheld offers complete rugged mobile solutions for a variety of industries including public transportation, railway, maintenance and logistics. Handheld has been the rugged computer supplier of NS Nederlandse Spoorwegen (the Netherlands Railways), SJ (Swedish rail) among some. The company is headquartered in Lidköping, Sweden, with local offices worldwide.

Rugged Computers for Rail Industry Environments

Since rail workers often operate in unpredictable surroundings, the equipment needs to be rugged enough to withstand a great variety of work conditions. Within these environments, durable features such as shock resistance as well as an ability to withstand fluctuating temperatures and vibration are key requirements, not to mention a long battery life. All of Handheld’s products are fully rugged and IP65 or IP67-rated, which means they are tested to ensure that the equipment can handle exposure to sand and dust, extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, leakage, shock and vibration. Taken together, this means a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for your deployment. Learn more about what rugged really means here

Fully Featured PDA with All-Day Battery

The rugged and powerful NAUTIZ eTicket Pro II is tough and mobile enough to take anywhere. The device is specifically designed for public transportation, with a focus on mobility and the latest technological solutions. Merging ultimate mobility with true field functionality, it comes with a high-performance 2D imager for scanning and barcoding tasks. On one single charge, the NAUTIZ eTicket Pro II can work more than a complete work day which takes desktop computing efficiency out into the field – perfect for the railway environment. It can withstand drops from 1.22 meters and has an IP65-rating which means that it’s impervious to dust and highly water-resistant. Moreover, its built-in smart card reader supports various ISO14443 type A/B, and ISO 18092 RFID devices, including MIFARE and ICODE. The contactless electronic link between the card and the reader allows for fast transactions in transportation security and payment systems. This computing workhorse comes with a powerful AM3703 1 GHz processor and full VGA sunlight-readable touch-screen display. On top of that, it also integrates a 5Mpx autofocus camera, WLAN, 3.8G GSM HSPA+/HSUPA or CDMA EVDO Rev. A, voice and data connectivity.

Truly Mobile Maintenance Computers

If you require a rugged computer with a wider screen, Handheld offers a large form factor product line: the ALGIZ 7 and ALGIZ 10X tablets and the compact ALGIZ XRW notebook. Aside from being completely rugged, theALGIZ computers are fully featured and have the memory and storage capacity to handle the most demanding field or industrial applications, such as railway maintenance. All these devices have sunlight-readable screens which make them perfect for outdoor use. Furthermore, they are dust and waterproof and meet military standards regarding drops, vibration and extreme temperatures.

Rugged Tablet for Extreme Field Performance

The powerful ALGIZ 10X rugged tablet offers sophisticated technology, can withstand weather elements and harsh handling – perfect for the railway industry. The ALGIZ 10X features the latest generation of MaxView™ screen technology, with a 10.1-inch touchscreen that is ideal for field professionals who need a large display to handle detailed maps or other visuals. The ALGIZ 10X comes equipped with an integrated u-blox® GPS receiver: it will automatically switch to the external antenna when the unit is docked and otherwise revert back to the internal GPS. The screen’s ambient light sensor adjusts backlighting automatically – so collecting data in bright sunlight is just as easy as reviewing it indoors. The ALGIZ 10X is designed for field performance. Use it in any kind of weather; let it rattle on the dashboard, rinse it off after a dirty day – the ALGIZ 10X is built for hard work.

Extend the Possibilities with MaxCare Warranties

Handheld MaxCare™ is a comprehensive service plan available for newly purchased Handheld devices worldwide.

Handheld products are designed for those who work in less-than-gentle environments, and whether the challenges come from weather, extreme temperatures or tough work situations, all our devices are made to rise to the challenge. But in case something does go wrong, we’ve developed the MaxCare service concept : multiple extended coverage options that provide you with peace of mind on future service costs and lower the total cost of ownership for our devices.

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ALGIZ-10X Rugged Tablet Computer for Railway Maintenance
ALGIZ-10X Rugged Tablet Computer for Railway Maintenance
ALGIZ 7, ALGIZ 10X, ALGIZ XRW Handheld Rugged Computers
ALGIZ 7, ALGIZ 10X, ALGIZ XRW Handheld Rugged Computers
ALGIZ-7 Rugged Tablet Handheld in Mud
ALGIZ-7 Rugged Tablet Handheld in Mud

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