Train Inspection Systems

Inspection Systems look at the diagnostics and display of the parts inside the rail vehicles and checks the condition of every part. This page contains all the latest information, news, videos, images and articles on all aspects of Train Inspection Systems. You will also find a list of Train Inspection Systems suppliers from around the world.

  • Trimble Logo


    Train Diagnostic Monitoring and Management Systems Trimble/Nexala’s rail asset lifecycle management products are an integrated suite of on premise and softwa...

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  • New and Remanufactured Locomotive Parts


    PowerRail is a certified AAR M-1003 manufacturer, remanufacturer, and global distributor of aftermarket EMD and GE Locomotive parts and components.

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  • Mermec-Logo

    MERMEC S.p.A.

    Railway No-Contact Measurement Technology The success of railway companies was dependent on the condition, availability and reliability of their network as...

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  • ClearSy Systems Engineering Logo

    ClearSy Systems Engineering

    ClearSy is an expert in safety critical systems for the railway industry, station safety systems, train operation safety and rail safety engineering....

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  • Train Acceleration Sensors and Rotation Rate Sensors

    ASC Sensors

    Train Acceleration Sensors and Rotation Rate Sensors ASC German Sensor Engineering, headquartered in Pfaffenhofen, Bavaria, is one of the lea...

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  • Schenck Process Logo

    Schenck Process

    Rail Inspection, Measuring and Monitoring Global demand for mobility and transport is growing all the time, driven by both local and long-distance passenger tr...

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  • windhoff-logo-railway-news

    Windhoff Bahn Und Anlagentechn...

    Railway Construction Vehicles, Depot Products and Shunting Technologies Since 1889, machine building and plant construction have been core activities at Windho...

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  • Amest-Logo

    Amest s.r.o.

    Automatic Component Measuring Station Amest s.r.o. specialises in the development, construction, installation and service of control stations, observation gaug...

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  • Rolling Stock Engineering


    PROSE is an independently owned mobility solutions provider, with emphasis on rolling stock engineering, serving customers world-wide.

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  • iem-logo

    International Electronic Machi...

    Inspection and Measurement Systems for Rail Application The WISE family of Wayside Inspection Equipment, IEM, has developed the broadest family of wayside insp...

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  • SKF Logo


    SKF offers a wide variety of advanced product solutions for a broad range of railway rolling stock, including high-speed and very high-speed trains.

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  • transnet-logo

    Transnet Rail Engineering

    Innovator in Railway Rolling Stock Transnet Rail Engineering is an engineering division of Transnet Limited, based in South Africa, comprising a group of p...

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  • Beena-Vision-Logo

    Beena Vision Systems Inc

    Train and Track Inspection Systems Beena Vision Systems Inc. is the leading manufacturer of vision-based automatic wayside inspection systems for the railr...

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  • Predictive Maintenance of DB Locomotives

    Siemens to Equip DB Locomotives with Predictive Maintenance

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  • X-Ray Train Scanner

    From Digitalisation to Train System Availability

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  • Ansaldo-Honolulu-Rail-Cars

    Weighwell Supply Static Train Weighing Systems for Miami and Honolulu

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  • Trimble R2M System

    Dutch Railways to Deploy Real-Time Diagnostic System from Trimble

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  • wheel-profile-measuring

    World-Leading Wheel Profile Measuring System from DANOBAT

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  • Trimble Logo

    Irish Rail to Deploy Real-Time Diagnostic System from Trimble Company, Nexala

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  • Schenck Process MULTIRAIL BogieLoad

    MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad: increased safety for modern rail transport

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  • Schenck MULTIRAIL WheelLoad

    MULTIRAIL® WheelLoad: Measure wheel contact forces safely

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  • Schenck Railtec Technology

    Schenck Process Wins Major MULTIRAIL® Contract from Swedish Railway Authority

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  • In-Motion Train Weighing System

    The Weighwell PTW1 Heavy Duty (HD) In-Motion Train Weighing System is a portable, dynamic rail weighing system that allows the ‘in-motion’ weighing of wheel...

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  • Weighbridge for Rail Loading of Cement

    When Hanson Cement, part of Heidelberg Cement group, considered replacing their existing and underperforming train weighing system they approached Schenck Proce...

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  • MULTIRAIL® LiquidWeight: Dynamic, Not Static.

    At large production facilities in the chemical industry, hundreds of tonnes of liquids are weighed every day. In recent years a major petrochemical company in C...

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  • Optimized and Systematized Vehicle Measurement for Quality Improvement in Rail Vehicle Construction

    Innovations in the rail industry have to impress rail passengers – which hopefully includes you, the reader. Only then does innovation have a real purpose. Th...

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  • Trimble E2M Product Datasheet

    Rail Engineering Maintenance ManagementTrimble E2M is a rail engineering asset and maintenance management system. Designed specifically for the rail sector it m...

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  • MULTIRAIL® Technology Brochure

    Paving the Way for Increased Rail Safety More and more people and materials need to reach their destinations faster than ever before. Schenck Process MULTIRAIL...

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  • Train Brake Inspections in the Field or at a Workshop

    A detailed and safe brake inspection is vital in order to get rolling stock serviced in the field quickly back into service again. Euromaint Rail carries out br...

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  • High-Capacity, Precision and Reliability in Track Maintenance

    Faults in the track geometry, running gears in poor condition and lack of harmony between wheel and rail are the cause of large dynamic forces – not only in ...

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  • TBOGI HD – Bogie Condition Monitor

    La technologie brevetée TBOGI-HD, développée par WID, inspecte le matériel roulant en circulation afin de contrôler l’état des bogies et de leurs essieu...

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  • TBOGI HD – Bogie Condition Monitor and Hunting Detector – English

    TBOGI-HD accurately measures bogie geometry in-motion using laser based technology. Measurements include: ·Axle Angle of Attack ·Axle Tracking Position ·Bogi...

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  • TBOGI HD – Bogie Condition Monitor and Hunting Detector – Deutsch

    Die von WID entwickelte und patentierte TBOGI-HD-Technik überprüft Betriebsparameter von Drehgestellen und Radsätzen an Schienenfahrzeugen. Mit Hilfe der TBO...

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  • TBOGI DB – Rail Data Management and Analysis – Français

    Avec TBOGI-DB, les tâches de gestion des données, d’analyse et de rapport se font rapidement. Sachez en quelques clics : Quoi et quand réparer TBOGI-DB es...

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  • TBOGI DB – Rail Data Management and Analysis – English

    TBOGI-DB is a web delivery database service that enables our customers to browse and analyze data provided by their TBOGI and TBOGI-HD systems, with no internal...

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  • TBOGI DB – Rail Data Management and Analysis – Deutsch

    TBOGI-DB ist ein webgestützter Datenbankdienst, der WID-Kunden ab sofort – schon ab dem allerersten erfassten vorbeifahrenden Zug – erlaubt, aus den TBOGI ...

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  • TBOGI – Bogies Condition Monitor Brochure – Français

    La technologie brevetée TBOGI, développée par WID, inspecte le matériel roulant en circulation afin de contrôler l’état des bogies et de leurs essieux l...

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  • Amest KS-551

    Measuring of Railway Axles– Measuring Stations for Geometry Control of Final Railway Axles: KS-551....

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  • Amest KS-539

    Visual, dimensional and geometric checking device measurement of forged pieces of rail axles....

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  • Amest KS-528

    Automatic ComplexKS-528 for Measuring Geometric Dimensions of Railway Wheels....

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  • Dynamic Train Scales

    Schenck Process MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight Legal-for-trade, dynamic train scales

    MULTIRAIL® LegalWeight from Schenck Process pays its way as a legal-for-trade application from the outset. It provides high-precision rail car weighing using f...

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  • Bogie Test Rig

    MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad Pro

    MULTIRAIL® BogieLoad is a bogie test (bogie press) stand of the new, cutting-edge generation. One special feature is its fully electromechanical design with sp...

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  • Rail Asset Lifecycle Solutions

    Trimble Rail Asset Lifecycle Solutions

    Trimble’s rail asset lifecycle management products are an integrated suite of on premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that manage the lifecycle ...

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  • Portable Train Weigher

    Portable Train Weigher

    Weighwell's unique Portable Train Weighing System can be installed in any gauge of track and virtually any rail type in a matter of minutes without the need for...

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  • Quality Assurance for Railway Wheels

    Quality Assurance for Railway Wheels with ORIGA OSP-E Electromechanical Linear Actuators

    Fast, Accurate, Reliable: Automatic Railway Wheel Inspection System by NDT and Parker Hannifin....

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