Light Rail / Tram Cars

Light Rail / Tram Cars are both used for inner city travel via tram lines but light rail can be used as coupled trains. This page contains all the latest information, news, videos, images and articles on all aspects of Light Rail / Tram cars. You will also find a list of Light Rail / Tram Car Manufacturers & Suppliers from around the world.

  • Thales-Logo

    Thales Transportation

    Main Line, Urban and Metro Transport Solutions Transport networks around the world rely on Thales technology and systems expertise for safe, reliable, effici...

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  • Alstom-Logo

    Alstom Transport

    Complete Rail Mobility Solutions Alstom Transport has a presence in over 60 countries, is the world leader in the high and very high speed train sector and is ...

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  • Siemens-Logo

    Siemens Rail Systems Division

    Complete Rail Mobility Solutions We are one of the worlds largest suppliers to the rail network and we are known as a single-source supplier and system i...

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  • Midland Metro

    Transport for West Midlands to Take Over Midland Metro Services

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  • Maglev Rail Lines

    China Set to Build More Maglev Rail Lines

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  • Low Floor FLEXITY tram Zurich

    Zurich Orders Bombardier FLEXITY Trams

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  • berlin flexity trams

    Berlin Expands Germany’s Largest Tram Network with Additional FLEXITY Vehicles

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  • Changsha Maglev Train

    Changsha Welcomes Second Batch of Maglev Trains

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  • xtrapolis-train-PTV

    Victoria Orders Additional X’Trapolis Trains for Melbourne

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  • citadis trams strasbourg

    Alstom to Supply 10 Extra Citadis Trams to the City of Strasbourg

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  • SFMTA Cable Car

    Alstom to Support Train Availability in San Francisco

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  • Kaohsiung Tramway Citadis Tram

    Alstom to Supply Citadis Trams for Kaohsiung Tramway Project

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  • Muni Metro Train

    New Muni Metro Train Unveiled in San Francisco

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  • brodeaux-tram

    Bordeaux Metropole Light Rail Extension Opens

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  • CityLYNX-Streetcar

    Siemens to Build New Streetcars for Charlotte Area Transit System

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  • Glasgow Airport Tram-Train

    Tram-Train Link Between Glasgow Airport and City Centre Proposed

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  • Alstom Citadis Tram

    French City of Caen Orders 23 Citadis X05 Trams from Alstom

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  • rabat-citadis-tram

    Study Shows Tramways Have a Smaller Carbon Footprint than Buses

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  • Low-floor San Diego Trolley

    Siemens to Manufacture 45 Light Rail Vehicles for San Diego

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  • Siemens S70 light rail vehicle

    USA: Siemens S70 Light Rail Vehicles Selected for Southwest LRT

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  • SkyRail

    China: Global Debut of “SkyRail” in Shenzhen

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  • FLEXITY trams

    Bombardier Wins Order to Supply 40 FLEXITY Trams to Sweden

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