Automated People Movers

An Automated People Mover is an unmanned automated train that is used on main lines. This page contains all the latest information, news, videos, images and articles on all aspects of Automated People Movers. You will also find a list of Automated People Movers suppliers from around the world.

  • Siemens-Logo

    Siemens Rail Systems Division

    Complete Rail Mobility Solutions We are one of the worlds largest suppliers to the rail network and we are known as a single-source supplier and system i...

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  • Alstom-Logo

    Alstom Transport

    Complete Rail Mobility Solutions Alstom Transport has a presence in over 60 countries, is the world leader in the high and very high speed train sector and is ...

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  • Urban Transport

    Urban Transport – The Future is Smart

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  • Railless Train

    World’s First ‘Railless Train’ Unveiled in China

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  • Light Rail System

    PROSE Examines Whether a Light Rail System Can Be Operated Autonomously in the Open in Europe

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  • INNOVIA Metro 300 trains

    27 Additional INNOVIA Metro 300 Trains for Kuala Lumpur

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  • BOMBARDIER INNOVIA Automated People Mover

    Bombardier Delivers First INNOVIA Automated People Mover 300 to China

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  • INNOVIA-Metro-300-train

    Driverless Bombardier Metro Train Enters Service in Kuala Lumpur

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  • driverless-metro-train

    First Train for Driverless Metro Unveiled in Taipei

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  • Shanghai Metro Car

    Alstom Awarded Shanghai Traction and Monitoring Contract

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  • Hyperloop One

    Hyperloop One: Dubai to Abu Dhabi in 12 Minutes

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  • Driverless Train Safety SMART DPPS™ in Use on the Dubai Metro

    Driverless train systems are constantly growing in popularity and are bringing about huge changes in urban mass transportation. While there has been some degree...

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